Tour Edge Exotics CB2 Fairway Wood Review

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The Exotics CB2 delivers astonishing distance up to 20 yards longer than any fairway wood, and we guarantee it. The club’s titanium cupped face is combo-brazed to a hyper-steel body for unrivaled performance. If the Exotics CB2 fairway wood isn’t longer than your current fairway wood simply return the club to your local retailer within 30-days of purchase for a store credit. 3+ (13), 3 (15), 4 (16.5), 5 (18), 7 (21).

Price: £219

Contact: 001 630 584 4777


Head: Steel, Titanium

Shaft: Graphite

Gender: Male, Female

Type: Right Handed

Product Information

Left Handed availableNo
Custom-Fit availableNo
ShaftsUST V2 75 Shaft

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