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The Ben Hogan Edge EX are a forged, open cavity back iron designed to deliver forgiveness to mid-handicap golfers.

Ben Hogan insist that forged irons are for all golfers, not just the elite. So whilst some club players may have felt too intimidated to try the brands irons over the years, because they’ve heard about Hogan’s excellent reputation for making great blade and players’ models, the new Edge EX are designed specifically to satisfy the needs of mid-handicap club golfers.

The Edge marquee can be traced all the way back to the 1980’s when Hogan first introduced club golfers to cavity back forgiveness with forged feel, sound and feedback in the original Edge model. And it’s that sort of heritage the new Edge EX are looking to build upon amongst avid, but less consistent striking club golfers. Here’s how they do it.     


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What you need to know about the Ben Hogan Edge EX irons

Correct gapping  

Ben Hogan have always been sticklers for maintaining traditional iron lofts as they say golfers really benefit from having the correct distance gapping between each iron in the set. It means in the longer irons you don’t get two clubs that go very similar distances.

The Edge EX are 2° stronger than the brands PTx Pro and Icon irons, which means more distance orientated mid-handicap players won’t be left behind when trying the EX on a launch monitor against the competition.


Open cavity

Any mid-handicap iron worth its salt has a cavity back to free up inefficient weight to position around the heads perimeter. But Hogan say the EX’s open cavity design has allowed the head to be increased in size too. A thicker topline increases stability and boosts confidence for its target audience.

Bigger size

Yes a slightly bigger head size builds confidence for most mid-handicap players, but there’s another benefit too. The extra size means a bigger effective hitting area, so you get decent results when you’re not swinging at your best.

Extra hosel offset compared to the brands other iron models also means the stronger lofts are easier to flight, and give a little extra time to square the face at impact.


Forged feel

Hogan started out in 1953. At the time Ben Hogan wanted to give golfers the opportunity to play equipment that was made to the same standards as he demanded for his own game.

Forged irons have been in their blood ever since. Hogan today still believe all golfers should have the same opportunity to play forged irons, as they ensure the most amount of feel and feedback from every shot hit. 

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Hogan’s V-Sole design is legendary and it runs through the brands whole family of irons. High leading edge bounce is teamed with low bounce on the trailing edge of the irons sole. The idea helps each iron glide through the turf without digging into the turf or bouncing into the golf balls equator.  

At a glance: Ben Hogan Edge EX irons


RRP: £560 (6 - PW), £640 (5 – PW), £725 (4 - PW)

Availability: 4 – PW

Stock shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold, KBS Tour and KBS Tour V (s) UST Recoil (g)

7-iron loft: 32°

Forgiveness rating: 3.5

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What Hogan say about the Edge Ex irons – Scott White, Ben Hogan CEO

Ben Hogan equipment has long been used by some of the best players in the world.  Some golfers who play for fun or in friendly games felt our products weren’t for them. We continue to educate golfers that forged clubs are not reserved for only the best players in the world.  In fact, quite the contrary.

The Edge EX irons will offer average golfers the playability, forgiveness and feel that Ben Hogan once described as ‘... that blissful feeling that goes from your hands, up your arms, and into your heart.’

We tested the Edge EX irons more than any other product we’ve brought to market in recent years. Consumer response and feedback was exceptionally good throughout the development process. Golfers of all ability levels, but especially those with double-digit handicaps told us that Edge EX irons were some of the easiest-to-hit irons they’ve ever played. 

The larger clubhead, increased offset, and thicker topline especially, were features that many golfers really appreciated.

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Review: Ben Hogan Edge EX irons

Ben Hogan’s Edge EX are a deep cavity back iron aimed at mid-handicap golfers, and only available to buy through the company’s website. The two-piece forged construction allows the head to be slightly larger, which means there’s a bigger effective hitting surface and exaggerated perimeter weighting.

Each iron in the set comes with Hogan’s V-Sole design (which has high leading edge bounce combined with a less angled trailing edge), which aids how the club engages with the turf and promotes clean ball striking.


Verdict: Ben Hogan Edge EX irons

Since Hogan’s rebirth as an online-only business, the brand have focused attention on carving out a cracking niche among decent club golfers who understand what the Hogan name stands for. Since the reinvention there’s only been one previous mid-handicap iron offered from Hogan, the Edge.

The Edge EX then is very much for the game-improver. Hogan have thought long and hard about the iron as their models typically stay in the range for multiple years. That has led to the EX taking on a timeless, classic cavity back design with the benefit of a modern floating face and extreme perimeter head weighting. And our test pro loved their feel, feedback and sound.

Mid-handicap golfers won’t find too many forged iron options out there, as the category is generally dominated by cast models. And while Hogan (like a lot of golfers) will say forged heads lead to better feel, it’s worth remembering that game-improvers are often less likely to notice or feel that extra feedback.

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At £715 for a seven-piece set, the EX will set you back £384 less than the equivalent forged Callaway Apex DCB irons, and less than equivalent models from Mizuno (£230), Ping (£188) and TaylorMade (£184).

As far as looks go, yes the EX have a pretty chunky topline, but that’s expected within the category and it’s a feature that really helps stability when shots are hit off-centre. The only potential stumbling block we see are the lofts.

We know that mid-handicappers hate giving anything up in terms of carry distance with their irons. And with a 7-iron loft 2-3.5° weaker than the competition, it’s the area where the EX gives golfers with a real decision to make. There’s no hiding how our pro’s fastest and longest Edge EX iron combination was three to eight yards shorter (this gap will narrow at more average swing speeds) than the strong-lofted rivals.

It’s a real conundrum, especially as our test results show how the stronger lofted competitor models launch, fly, land and spin at very similar levels. At the end of the day the Edge EX are a cracking value forged, mid-handicap iron. They look and feel great and you get to choose either a lighter, higher-flighted KBS Tour 90 or more stable, tipped KBS Tour V shaft that improves dispersion (players in this category are unlikely to need the heavy, lower flighted Dynamic Gold shaft); both are a real bonus at this price point.

Only you can decide whether to buy into Hogan’s belief that 7-irons need to take off and land like 7-irons. If you do, the Edge EX certainly won’t disappoint.

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How the Ben Hogan Edge EX compare to leading competitor Mid-Handicap irons in data


Got a question about the Ben Hogan Edge EX iron? Ask us on Twitter.

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Product Information

Ben Hogan Edge EX Iron

Ben Hogan Edge EX £560 (6 - PW), £640 (5 – PW), £725 (4 - PW)

Availability: 4 – PW

Stock shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold, KBS Tour and KBS Tour V (s) UST Recoil (g)

7-iron loft: 32°

Forgiveness rating: 3.5 (see other forgiveness rated 3.5 irons here)

Buy direct from Hogan at

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