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Callaway Mavrik Irons: Callaway’s AI computer said ‘put a different face in every iron’… so they did exactly that!

The Flash Face in Callaway’s 2019 Epic Flash driver was a big home run for the brand, so it’s no surprise that Callaway want to build on the tech for 2020 and their Mavrik irons.

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Engineers realised the next big opportunity for artificial intelligence – after the new Mavrik woods – was iron faces. But it took a lot more effort than you might think.

Callaway Mavrik iron

Callaway had to teach their computer how different golfers typically impact iron shots… all of them, from a low-heel 4-iron to a high- toe 8. It means all three Mavrik irons have AI optimised faces. And we’re not just talking faces optimised for each family. Callaway’s engineers have optimised each iron in all three new sets; that’s 27 different designs!


Callaway built their fitting knowledge into the computer and subsequently each new Mavrik iron design. And just like the Mavrik drivers, there are three new models to suit golfers – from scratch handicappers to super game improvers.

Who is Callaway’s new Mavrik iron aimed at?

Callaway’s new Mavrik irons are designed to suit the vast majority of golfers.

The long irons are designed for launch and speed, the mid irons target speed and spin consistency while the short irons are optimised for spin and precision to promote pinpoint shot-making.

Callaway insist that thanks to the complexity of their newest irons, strong lofts are a necessity to deliver what’s considered a “normal” ball flight. The standard iron has a 27° 7-iron (joint strongest in 2020), but Callaway say that’s a one dimensional way to look at it. It needs strong lofts because Cup Face tech adds at least a degree of dynamic loft at impact, and the tungsten energy core is so good at positioning mass accurately it now flights strong-lofted irons very differently to traditional strong-lofted models.

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First Hit: Callaway Mavrik Irons

It might sound bonkers creating 27 different faces for three different iron models, but Callaway insist the idea makes a big difference. It means the sweetspot can be positioned right where data and AI say golfers hit each particular iron, which makes huge sense.

We love how the standard Mavrik sits behind the ball, the improved sound is light years away from traditional loud fast face tech and the Pro model looks really sleek. If you’ve been put off strong-lofted irons, 2020 is the year to give them another look, as the latest tech really does make them very playable.

For £849 a set, Mavrik look like very reasonable value, too.

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Verdict: Callaway Mavrik irons

Two years ago we were as surprised as the next man when Callaway introduced Rogue X, the strongest loft irons we’d ever seen. Today, there are more strong lofted irons than ever.

Some engineers even say strong lofts are necessary to optimise ball flight, as weight tech is now so good at flighting irons higher. Like the Rogue X, Mavrik is big and brash, and with such strong lofts it’s no surprise this was our second longest GI iron (7-iron; 185 yards) of the year.

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Product Information

  • RRP: £849(s)£1,049(g)
  • Stock shaft: True Temper Elevate 95 (s), Project X Catalyst (g)
  • 7-iron loft: 27°

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