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Callaway’s new Mavrik Max Irons are their easiest-to-launch iron

The Flash Face in Callaway’s 2019 Epic Flash driver was a big home run for the brand, so it’s no surprise that Callaway want to build on the tech for 2020 and their Mavrik irons.

Engineers realised the next big opportunity for artificial intelligence – after the new Mavrik woods – was iron faces. But it took a lot more effort than you might think.

Callaway had to teach their computer how different golfers typically impact iron shots… all of them, from a low-heel 4-iron to a high- toe 8. It means all three Mavrik irons have AI optimised faces. And we’re not just talking faces optimised for each family. Callaway’s engineers have optimised each iron in all three new sets; that’s 27 different designs!

Callaway built their fitting knowledge into the computer and subsequently each new Mavrik iron design. And just like the Mavrik drivers, there are three new models to suit golfers – from scratch handicappers to super game improvers.


Callaway Mavrik Max iron

Who are Callaway’s Mavrik Max Irons aimed at? 

Just like the drivers Callaway have done some serious sound analysis while developing the Mavrik irons. Through their new AI computer, engineers have dialled each iron in to have its own sound. So where better players want a muted forged sound from the Pro model, the Mavrik Max targets specific frequencies to sound powerful.

Callaway’s easiest-to-launch iron. The heads are larger with extra offset, and there’s a lower centre of gravity for increased forgiveness. A 30° 7-iron means extra help flighting shots for maximum carry, for golfers who don’t quite have the swing speed to launch the stronger lofted standard Mavrik. Callaway say there’s a larger area of the face at the maximum rebound speed allowable by the rules, and you get more speed when shots are hit lower on the face (a trait of mid-high handicappers), which is a difficult trick to pull off.

TESTED: Which Callaway iron suits me?

Verdict: Callaway Mavrik Max iron

It could be argued Callaway’s Mavrik irons haven’t quite had the same impact as the woods in our test, but the Max is well worthy of a place among our favourite SGI irons of 2020.

It didn’t feature among our fastest or longest, but it has the joint weakest loft in the category. These slightly weaker lofts (compared to the standard Mavrik irons) mean the Max is ideal for moderate swing speeds, particularly those who tend to struggle to flight shots high enough to maximise carry.

There’s plenty of offset (which helps get shots airborne) and a very wide top line, yet the iron looks pretty compact. For moderate swing speed players, this is a very solid iron option.

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Product Information

  • £849(s)£1,049(g)
  • Stock shaft: KBS Max (s), Project X Catalyst (g)
  • 7-iron loft: 30°

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