Cleveland CG7 Tour Black Pearl Better Player Irons Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
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These irons definitely showcase the wow factor – they are simply stunning and the gorgeous red logo combines really brilliantly with the black clubhead. Well, certainly this was the case for Jon and Dave who both awarded it full marks.
Performance-wise, Chris thought they were very impressive while TG equipment editor Dave commented that the black head seemed to diminish the size of the club, something that he liked. A solid all-rounder.

Ratings (out of 5):

Distance: 3.5   Dispersion: 5   Looks: 4.3   Feel: 4   Forgiveness: 3.8

The Cleveland CG7 Tour Black Pearl Irons are a great set of all rounded irons.

New for 2010. The most advanced irons Cleveland has ever made, offering improved feel and forgiveness thanks to their Laser milled face and Zip grooves, plus added distance through Dynamic Micro-Cavity Technology. The dark black finish reduces glare.

The Tour version has a slightly sleeker clubhead profile compared to the original CG7 Black Pearl irons.

Precise Laser Milled face texture increases surface roughness than alternative methods. This produces an optimal surface roughness for maximizing spin.

The breakthrough technology involved in the Zip grooves features consistent milling of each groove to maximum conforming dimensions. The absolute integrity of these grooves is maintained by the application of a proprietary coating to each groove for protection during the face sandblasting process. The resulting Zip Grooves are pristine, shiny and Cleveland Golf's biggest, most precisely milled grooves ever.

A one piece injection molded lightweight visco-elastic insert covers the entire perimeter of the cavity and the base of the head. This provides vibration dampening across the entire face for superior feel, even on off center hits.

Graphite: No
Contact: or 01420 541 709

Product Information

Left Handed available
Custom-Fit available
Forgiveness levelLow
Graphite shafts availableNo
Iron typeMuscle back

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