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Cobra Golf’s F8 irons push the boundaries of innovation – and even come fitted with shot tracking sensors in the grip and two shaft lengths. 

Cobra’s King F8 irons cover all the bases. Progressive is a term that is hugely overused in golf, but when it comes to irons, Cobra’s new F8 irons are as progressive as they come. Cobra’s engineers have optimised every last spec and component in each iron for a specific purpose on the golf course.

The longer Cobra F8 irons have lower profile, hollow heads (4-7-irons) and shorter hosels to get weight low, deep and as far from the face as possible. It means added forgiveness and playability (below). The 8-PW in the Cobra King F8 irons set becomes cavity-backed, with longer hosels to increase control over shot trajectory and spin, while the gap, sand and lob wedges morph into familiar muscleback shapes. It all adds up to a package that’s more playable, and like last year both models are available in standard or One Length options. 

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According to Cobra, the F8 irons will equip golfers with a dominant blend of distance, speed, and best in class-feel. They say this is all thanks to game-changing construction technologies, including PWRSHELL™ Face Technology for increased speed and launch, Carbon Feel Technology for exceptional sound and feel, and TECFLOTM Progressive set construction for tailored performance throughout the set.

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“Our 2018 iron offering is truly ground-breaking, as it provides not only innovative technologies to achieve better performance across the board, but also the wherewithal to actually quantify just how much better, thanks to COBRA CONNECT,” said Tom Olsavsky, Head of R&D for COBRA Golf.

“Our F8 line offers an innovative solution for both the players who trust their games to variable length irons and also for the growing contingent of golfers who have realised the benefits of our ONE length set up.”

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Cobra King F8 Irons Review: You Should Know

A progressive set construction (TECFLO) means each iron is engineered as an individual for its particular playing conditions. Hollow body long irons, half hollow mid irons, cavity back short irons and blade wedges are teamed with two different steels and groove shapes to improve distance, maximise feel and deliver control. PWRShell faces maximise ball speeds from larger areas of the face, maximising forgiveness and consistency.

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Cobra King F8 Irons Review: We Say

The F8’s won’t be on everyone’s shortlist as a power iron, but our test shows they can more than hold their own in any distance contest. It’s fair to say none of our testers preferred the F8s rounded head shape over the competition, but that’s completely subjective and doesn’t interfere with how the F8 can put in a serious shift when it comes to raw power. Where some game improver irons scream ‘hacker’ from the rooftops, the F8s are much more discrete. Our data shows, as the F8 was just above our test average for ball speed, and carry distance. An excellent option if your game doesn’t need forgiveness at all costs.   

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Cobra King F8 Irons Review: Verdict

There’s huge amounts of tech squeezed into the F8s head. Different body constructions, materials, groove configurations, forged milled faces and the addition of Arccos shot trackers at this price point is brilliant. 

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Cobra King F8 Irons Review: Key Features 

➤ E9™ PWRSHELL™ Face Technology that boasts a 20% thinner forged face.  An E9™ elliptical Sweet Zone™ construction promotes faster ball speeds across a wider area on the face, delivering unparalleled distance and forgiveness.  Both models feature

➤ Carbon Feel Technology inserts that are strategically-positioned to deliver a soft yet solid feel throughout the set. New all Carbon Fiber construction medallions damp vibrations for exceptional sound and feel throughout the set. 

➤ COBRA’s patented TECFLOTM Progressive Set Construction Technology delivers tailored performance through varying cavity constructions to optimise the trajectory of each iron in the set. 


➤ Wide Soles: Cobra engineers have used all the tricks of the trade to ensure the F8s are super-playable and forgiving. Soles are wider in the longer irons and narrower towards the short. Different-shaped grooves optimise ball flight and control across the set and lighter shafts help launch shots higher and further.

➤ Milled Grooves: Milled V-Grooves in the Cobra King F8 irons set reduce spin for maximum distance. In the mid to scoring irons (8-PW), a cavity back design delivers more accuracy on approach shots, meaning more greens-in-regulation and shorter birdie putts and Milled U-Grooves optimise spin for improved control and accuracy.

➤ Progressive Spin Technology improves groove structures through CNC milling to deliver optimum spin and trajectory performance from the long irons to wedges.

➤ A full hollow design in the long and mid irons (4-7) delivers low CG with an extremely responsive face for easier to hit, high-flying shots.

➤ A specialty wedge design in the GW, SW and LW Cobra F8 irons provides improved feel and precision around the greens with tighter-spaced wedge grooves to increase spin for more precision.

Progressive hosel lengths strategically position the CG for optimum launch throughout the set. Lower profile long irons, with shorter hosels, lower CG for improved launch and forgiveness. Progressively taller hosels in the scoring irons position CG higher and more forward in the clubhead for improved trajectory control and accuracy into greens.

COBRA CONNECT: all KING F8 irons will feature the innovative COBRA CONNECT™ Powered by Arccos System to help players make smarter, data-driven decisions to improve their game. Electronically embedded sensors in the grip automatically record the distance and accuracy of every shot so golfers can track their improvements round-to-round. The fully connected set works in conjunction with the award-winning Arccos 360 smartphone application, which provides advanced rangefinder GPS distances for more than 40,000 courses.

The entire family of KING F8 Irons will be available at retail beginning February 2, 2018.

Cobra King F8 Irons: Options

The new KING F8 variable length irons are available in a variety of stock set options (others are available in custom)

• Men’s Steel Irons (RRP £649) – 7-piece set that utilises a Lamkin REL 360 (Tour Taper, CONNECT) grip; True Temper XP 90 steel shaft; includes 5-PW, GW and is available in both RH and LH versions* in regular and stiff flexes.

• Men’s Graphite Iron Set (RRP £749) – 7-piece set includes 5-PW, GW available in RH only in Regular and Lite flexes. Utilises a Lamkin REL (Tour Taper, CONNECT) grip and Aldila Rogue Pro 65 Graphite shaft.

• Women’s Graphite Combo Set (RRP £749) – 7-piece set includes 5H, 6H, 7-PW, SW – features the same innovative technologies found in the men’s irons including COBRA CONNECT. The ladies stock combo set in RH only, (LH through custom) features COBRA Lamkin REL 360 (COBRA CONNECT silver/pink or black/blue grips) and Aldila Rogue 60 gram graphite shafts.

Cobra F8 Iron women


Product Information

    Iron forgiveness rating
  • RRP: £649 (s) £749 (g) (7 clubs)
  • Availability: 5 – PW, GW
  • Stock shaft: True Temper XP 90 (s) Aldila Rogue Pro 65 (g)
  • Seven iron loft and length: 29.5 deg / 37.5"


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