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Cobra have expanded their one-length range this year, which means a brand new set of Cobra King F8 One Length irons – with the addition of Cobra CONNECT in every club.

Cobra say One Length is a winner and means you can focus on just reproducing one swing for every iron in your bag. It’s a really simple concept, but if it’s not your cup of tea the F8s are available in traditional lengths, too. 

To build upon COBRA’s widely-acclaimed KING F7 ONE Length irons, COBRA engineers incorporated unique TECFLO constructions in the F8 ONE Length irons that allowed them to manipulate weight to 7-iron specifications while keeping the look of a traditional iron, delivering the most technologically advanced ONE Length irons to date. 

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Improved trajectories were achieved using progressive hosel lengths paired with wider sole widths in the 4-6 irons to lower the CG in the long irons for higher-flying trajectories, and raise the CG in the scoring irons & wedges to promote lower, more controlled trajectories.  In addition, COBRA has teamed up with its shaft partners to develop ONE Length specific flighted shafts that feature variable tipping executions to make the long irons play softer and launch higher and the short irons play stiffer and launch lower. 

“Overall, I’d say the F7 ONE Length was a great surprise for us this year, surpassing all sales forecasts we had at the outset, and Bryson DeChambeau’s impressive win at the John Deere Classic this summer certainly helped generate even more interest,” said Olsavsky.

“Now, as more players take note of the benefits provided by a ONE length set, we are excited to deliver the F8 line-up, with cutting-edge iron technologies that work in unison with the one length philosophy to make them even easier to hit and more consistent than before. And even better, with COBRA CONNECT, golfers don’t have to just take our word for it. They can clearly see just how much they’ve improved based on real data points. The numbers don’t lie.”  

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Cobra King F8 One Length Irons Review: You Should Know

The heads may look very similar to the standard F8 but the weighting and shaft lengths are very different. Each iron benefits from the same construction method as the standard length F8 and PWRShell faces, but every iron in the set is the same weight and length as a standard seven iron which Cobra say improves accuracy consistency.

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Cobra King F8 One Length Irons Review: We say

We’ve done a fair bit of testing with One Length irons since they were first introduced and as much as we like the concept, we’re yet to see an experienced golfer see the benefits they’re supposed to bring to the table in real terms. And that in our opinion is exactly what golfers need to see to warrant the change.

With shafts 1/2” longer than some of the competition it’s no surprise the F8 scored highly for all testers when it came to ball speed and carry distance. But that’s exactly what our data’s shown in the past, golfers gain a few yards with each club from 7 iron – PW because they’re longer. But then they lose a few yards with the 5 and 6 six irons, which squeezes yardage gapping from both ends of the set.           

Cobra King F8 One Length iron

Cobra King F8 One Length Irons Review: Verdict

We’re absolutely not saying One Length irons don’t have their place, if you love the concept and hit the irons more consistently than a standard-length set fill your boots. For 2018 we’re much bigger fans of the F8 One Length hybrid which we reckon delivers real world performance benefits over long irons and traditional hybrids from the turf.   

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Cobra King F8 One Length Irons: Key Features

E9™ PWRSHELL™ Face Technology that boasts a 20% thinner forged face. An E9™ elliptical Sweet Zone™ construction promotes faster ball speeds across a wider area on the face, delivering unparalleled distance and forgiveness.

Carbon Feel Technology inserts that are strategically-positioned to deliver a soft yet solid feel throughout the set. New all Carbon Fiber construction medallions damp vibrations for exceptional sound and feel throughout the set.

COBRA’s patented TECFLOTM Progressive Set Construction Technology delivers tailored performance through varying cavity constructions to optimise the trajectory of each iron in the set.

Wide Soles: Cobra engineers have used all the tricks of the trade to ensure the F8s are super-playable and forgiving. They used progressive hosel lengths paired with wider sole widths in the 4-6 irons to lower the CG in the long irons for higher-flying trajectories, and raise the CG in the scoring irons & wedges to promote lower, more controlled trajectories with tighter-spaced wedge grooves to increase spin for more precision.

Milled Grooves: Milled V-Grooves reduce spin for maximum distance. In the mid to scoring irons (8-PW), a cavity back design delivers more accuracy on approach shots, meaning more greens-in-regulation and shorter birdie putts and Milled U-Grooves optimise spin for improved control and accuracy.

Progressive Spin Technology improves groove structures through CNC milling to deliver optimum spin and trajectory performance from the long irons to wedges. A full hollow design in the long and mid irons (4-7) delivers low CG with an extremely responsive face for easier to hit, high-flying shots.

The entire family of KING F8 Irons will be available at retail beginning February 2, 2018.


  • RRP: £649 (s) £749 (g)
  • Availability: 5 – P, GW
  • Stock shaft: True Temper One Flighted (s) Aldila ONE Rogue 65 (g)
  • Seven iron loft and length: 29.5 deg / 37.5"
  • Forgiveness rating: 3.5



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