Honma T-World 747 P irons Review

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Honma’s Tour World 747 irons stand out as a great performing option – and surprised our test pro!

Honma is making big inroads into the consciousness of everyday golfers, partly thanks to a great new range of clubs, and partly because they’ve signed PGA Tour player and former World No 1, Justin Rose to play them. We’ve not tested much Honma equipment before, but our test pro was surprised – and impressed – by the 747’s look, sound, feel – and it’s seriously good launch monitor numbers.

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The head has a shorter hosel to free up mass and 20g worth of tungsten weight in the sole to improve playability. A lack of off set and a narrow top line mean the 747 is just as slender as you’ll find in most player irons.

Honma had a reputation for seriously expensive, blingy clubs – but all that’s changed. The 747s stand out on merit as a great performing option, at the top end of the game improvement market (meaning they’re close to players’ irons). The price puts them right among the market leaders, making them a seriously good option.

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Honma T//World 747 P Iron

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Verdict: Honma T//World 747 P iron

Since signing Justin Rose last year the perception of Honma, particularly their forged irons, has changed fast. Lots of golfers now have Honma at the centre of discussions about their next set of forged clubs. And it’s irons like the T//World 747 P which are causing the rethink.

We were hugely impressed with the T//World 747 P last year, and that hasn’t changed in 2020. A lack of offset and a narrow top line means the 747s have the same slender look you’ll find in most players’ irons.

If your game sits on the fence between game improver and player models, and you put a premium on distance (the Ps were our third longest in the category), these are an excellent choice. And our recommendation doesn’t just boil down to pure power, either. The P was also third for protecting ball speed and carry in our test, which in a 16-strong field of bigger, wider irons is seriously impressive.

A very good game improver option for 2020.



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  • Availability: 4 - PW, 10 (GW), 11 (SW)
  • Stock shafts: Nippon NS Pro 950 GH (s) Honma Vizard for 747 50 (g)
  • 7-iron loft: 28.5deg
  • Forgiveness rating: 3

Product Information

◆ Availability: 4-PW (10), GW (11), SW
◆ Stock shafts: Nippon NS Pro 950 GH (s), Honma Vizard for 747 50 (g)
◆ 7-iron loft: 28.5°
◆ Forgiveness rating: 3

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