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The Honma TR21X has a hollow body, fast face and larger chassis size to deliver more forgiveness in a players’ distance style iron.

Over the summer TaylorMade, Mizuno, Srixon and Honma all revealed new forged irons which can be mixed and matched to create a player’s perfect combo set, something that’s never been the case before.

But where TaylorMade, Mizuno and Srixon covered off a wide audience with their new clubs, Honma’s Japanese craftsmen believe there’s golfers out there who aren’t quite satisfied by what the three-model TR20 family (B, V and P) has to offer. And to fill that void they’ve created a brand new TR21X hollow body, fast face, player-inspired iron that’s very forgiving, and thanks to a slightly bigger chassis, is more confidence inspiring at address. 

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Honma T//World TR21X Iron   

The popularity of hollow irons has grown massively over the last five years. And part of the growth is due to the construction allowing more ball speed (from a more flexible face and stronger loft), carry and forgiveness to be built into a head that essentially has a players’ iron shape and size.

Honma say the X is bigger (1.4mm longer and 4.5mm taller) than their players’ distance TR20 P model. And because the head is hollow, they’ve been able to put 42-73g of tungsten weight low along the sole to lower and deepen the centre gravity. That means golfers get extra help flighting shots to maximise carry, and makes the X the most forgiving model in the TR family.

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Honma T//World TR21X Iron

Honma say the TR21X can be integrated into a combo set with any of the forged TR20 models, yet the 21X doesn’t actually have a forged face or body. What it does have though is a very sleek muscleback design which is just like the Justin Rose designed TR20 B, so the set can sit seamlessly alongside any of the TR models or be a beautiful standalone performer.

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What you need to know about the Honma TR21X iron

Keep it in the cup

An L-shaped cup face means the TR21X has a larger area that deflects at impact, over Honma’s TR20 P model (players’ distance). The tech’s particularly good at preserving ball speed on shots hit lower on the face.

Honma T//World TR21X Iron  

What’s inside?

To ensure golfers get maximum ball speed performance the X hollow heads are filled with a high repulsion foam. The filling gives a lovely impact sound and feel feedback. 

Where does the TR21 X fit in Honma’s iron line-up?

Honma T//World TR21X Iron

TR20 B

  • From £1225 a set

A brilliant forged but unforgiving muscleback blade. Designed with input from former World Number 1 and ex-Honma staff player Justin Rose. 34° – 7-iron loft.

TR20 V

  • From £1225 a set

A traditional forged cavity players’ iron with no fast face technology. Expect a compact headsize, little hosel offset and a narrow topline. 32° – 7-iron loft.

Honma T//World TR21X Iron

TR20 P

  • From £1225 a set

A true fast face, strong loft, players’ distance iron. A forged body ensures great feel. Perfect for golfers who don’t want to give up any distance to play a forged iron. 

Honma TR21X iron specs

Honma T//World TR21X Iron

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Product Information

Honma T//World TR21X Iron

RRP: £175 (s) £210 (g) per club

Availability: 3 - 11 (GW)

Stock shaft: Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH Neo (s) Honma Vizard TR20 65 (g)

Stock grip: Golf Pride Honma TR

7-iron loft: 30°

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