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Honma T//World irons offer extra speed and distance for golfers who need it most.

The Honma T//World GS irons are designed to offer maximum distance and forgiveness. 

A thin, high-strength L-cup structured face expands the sweet spot, while variable ribs on the inside of the clubface help reduce weight and improve ball speed compared to the previous Honma XP-1 irons. 

The T//World GS 4-7 irons feature sole slots that reduce the loss of ball speed on off-centre strikes, plus a 6g tungsten weight in the toe that increases MOI. 


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The 8-11 irons feature a 360-degree undercut and a large sweet spot. A thick steel sole provides a low centre of gravity which creates high launch and spin to help golfers attack the flag with confidence.  

The T//World GS irons come with a choice of Speed Tuned 55 graphite shaft or Nippon N.S. Pro 950 GH neo-steel shaft as standard. 

A set of seven Honma T//World GS irons is £1,365.

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Verdict: Honma T//World GS iron 

GS stands for Gain Speed, which spells out loud and clear how this model targets low and moderate swing speed players. The GS performed brilliantly for us last year and its performance in 2022 has been nothing short of remarkable once again.

The GS sports a decent looking Mid – High Handicapper chassis. For our test pro it gave both his smallest carry distance drop-off (10 yards / 5.5%) and hit shots into his smallest dispersion area (153 yds2). And that’s a serious endorsement of the model’s accuracy capabilities for golfers who don’t quite have the stomach for playing a set of hybrid irons. 

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What’s really attractive about the GS is Honma’s shaft choice. The Neo (steel shaft) by Nippon is lightweight, high launching and high spin. It means the brand get a strong lofted iron to launch, flight, spin and stop shots even at slower speeds, and that for club golfers means getting the best of both worlds – maximum distance and stopping power.         

A cracking Higher Handicap or slower speed iron for 2022.

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