Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons Review

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Mizuno’s JPX 900 Forged Irons made our top 10 game improvement irons of 2018 in our biggest ever equipment test – Top Gear. Find out what our testers thought of them. 

Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons Review: You need to know

A mid-sized forged iron that ends the trade-off between precision and distance. Small amounts of boron make the Forged 30% stronger so it’s possible to create a pocket cavity with multi-thickness face to allow the 900 to perform like a distance iron without losing feel. Expect the fastest ball speeds ever from a forged iron say Mizuno. 

Everything you need to know about iron shaft weight. And why it’s now more important than flex.

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Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons Review: We say

It could be argued the Forged would be better classified as a Better Player iron, but Mizuno insist because of the addition of boron to the mix and a pocket cavity back it’s an iron that can perform for a wide audience of golfers. The 900’s slightly longer blade length improves MOI, but make no bones about it the top edge is very slender for the category, we reckon means its forgiveness rating is close to the new hollow body (crossover) style irons on the market.

The 1025 steel head feels fantastic and the carry distance it produced was just a single yard back from our test pro’s second longest game improvement iron (187 yards). Ball speed was 1 mph slower than our test average, which highlights the challenge designers face getting forged irons to also be quick on off centre hits. 

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Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons Review: Verdict

The JPX 900 Forged is a cracking looking set of irons and if you’re looking for a forging that sits between a game improvement and better player model this is a decent option. You’ll need to be a more consistent ball striker to hit them as well as some of our other favourite game improvement models. 

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2017 Review:

Mizuno JPX 900 Forged


Product Information

    Iron forgiveness rating
  • RRP: £120 per club
  • golf.mizunoeurope.com
  • Availability: 4 - GW
  • Stock shafts: Project X LZ 5.5 (s) Project X LZ (g)
  • Seven iron loft and length: 31deg / 36.75”


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