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Mizuno’s 1025 boron steel gives the extra strength required to create micro-slot pocket cavities in the 3-6 irons which means increased face flex and ball speeds. Mizuno say it’s a true distance iron for tour players. 

Our verdict:

The MP-25’s been around for a couple of years now but it was Mizuno’s first boron infused MP better player iron. Adding boron to the mix allows Mizuno’s engineers to play tricks with face thickness and pocket cavities that couldn’t be done with forged irons before. We felt the 25 was a very good looking, stable and playable iron that combines a decent head shape with a degree of forgiveness. It’s loft is a couple of degrees weaker than some in our test so it was always going to need to bust a gut to compete in terms of distance. But in terms of ball speed drop off between centre and off centre hits it’s very solid which has to say it’s a well-balanced design.   

Bottom line:

A great looking iron that plenty of golfers will dream about being good enough to use, even though there’s an increase in forgiveness through slightly larger heads and small cavity backs. If you simply have to have the looks of a better player iron but aren’t the best ball striker the MP-25’s could be right up your street. 

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2016 Mizuno MP-25 Irons


Product Information


Availability: 3-PW

Stock shaft: Choose from 16 leading steel and graphite options

Seven iron loft and length: 34° / 36.75”

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