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The MP-5’s have a channel back so sit between Mizuno’s classic blades and smaller headed  player cavity backs. The channel back keeps enough mass behind the hitting area so you get blade like feel but enough material is removed to increase stability when shots are hit off-centre. A larger profile and thicker top edge give a powerful look.

Our verdict:

A classic looking Mizuno blade that when its sat alongside the excellent JPX 900 Tour is virtually indistinguishable apart from the polished finish. Honestly the profile, the head shape, the top edge all look very much like the 900 which begs the question what do you put on the line by choosing the MP-5’s? Well data from our consistent hitting pro suggests on average 5mph of ball speed (which demonstrates the punishment of a smaller sweet spot on miss hits) and 5 yards of carry distance, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking for optimum performance and consistency. If though you absolutely have to have a set of blades (with absolutely no cavity back), the MP-5’s will be one of the more forgiving sets on the market. But in our book we reckon why make the game harder than it needs to be?            

Bottom line:

We have absolutely no doubt the MP-5’s are a beautiful set of irons, anyone questioning that needs to look deep into their golfing DNA. But as good looking as this super-model of irons is you have to realise to hit them consistently well you need to be a very good ball striker. And if like us you reckon the game should be fun then we reckon Mizuno’s JPX 900 Tours will put a much wider smile on your face on a more regular basis.


Product Information


Availability: 3 - PW

Stock shaft: Choose from 16 leading steel and graphite options

Seven iron loft and length: 34° / 36.75”

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  • 5 out of 5 Don't run scared

    By Scottydog14

    I've been looking at blades over the years simply because I liked the look of them, but never thought I was good enough. Interestingly nor did the chap fitting me. Straight away he suggested MP25s and another variant that was similarly non-blade like. I was fitted against the above two heads and the MP5, along with two shafts, both KBS. The best combo? KBS tour 130g X stiff and the MP5. This 6 iron was going out to 209yrds with an average carry of 193...with a SIX iron!!! It was sooooo soft out of the middle too. I'm not sure who was more surprised the fitter or me. Love these clubs.