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The MP-18 muscle back irons are a fantastic looking iron – but it does come at a cost as they aren’t going to be that easy to use.

In a digital world where everything’s designed on computers it’s not often you hear a brand say we’re taking a step back, and using a craftsmans eyes and hands over a computer. But it’s exactly what Mizuno have done with their latest MP-18 blade.

They reckon they’ve listened to blade purists and reverted back to using their best Japanese craftsman “Turbo” to come up with a pure blade, with a shaping a computer could never quite grasp. Over the years “Turbos” worked with legendary ball strikers like Faldo, Ballesteros and Sandy Lyle, and all three of them have gone onto win major championships playing the irons “Turbo” created for them.

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Nick Faldo has played a role in designing the new MP-18’s and Mizuno say the heads are thinner, smaller and shorter than their recent iron launches which obviously means the muscle-backs are tailored specifically to seriously good ball strikers. Mizuno reckon the MP-18’s are a throwback to blades of Mizuno’s past. Each head is Grain Flow Forged from 1025E mild steel and thanks to the concentrated grain structure you can expect very precise shot feedback and control.  

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Out test Pro Chris Ryan says, “Because it’s a muscle back it has a very very small profile and due to that it doesn’t inspire me with a lot of confidence, but it does look really nice and clean behind the ball.”

“The feel is absolutely fantastic because this is a forged iron, so it is very soft and you get that instant feedback off the clubface which a lot of golfers who will be looking at this golf club will want.”

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“This is really aimed at the really accomplished golfer and good ball strikers. Mizuno have very much gone back to their roots with this club, they’ve used a designer who worked a lot with Mizuno a few years back, and he worked very closely with Nick Faldo, who has been influential in the design and look of this golf club”

“What Mizuno say is they’ve gone back to an older way of designing golf clubs, and it’s been different to what they’ve done recently. They feel that they can’t quite get this shape with a computer-aided design. It feels great, looks great but you’re not going to get a lot of forgiveness – but if you want that blade looking club you really can’t go wrong.’

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