Nike Golf Vapor Pro Combo Irons Review

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What we say...

The Tech:

Designed for precise power say Nike. Ultra fast spring steel faces maximise ball speeds. Progressive sole widths and RZN filled cavities in the long irons and muscle cavity backs in the short irons enhance playability throughout the set. Face centred CG’s increase strike efficiency. 


Our verdict:

A beautiful clean and crisp looking iron at address which we absolutely loved. During our testing process we looked at a lot of iron designs and we all agreed the Pro Combo was one of the nicest in the play position. All round its just a bit more friendly than the Vapor Pro. The heads a smidge bigger, the sole and top edge are bit wider and there’s a touch of offset which we feel even good ball strikers will benefit from. With very low drop off in ball speed and carry distances between good and not so good hits Nike’s pocket cavities are obviously doing their job and improving forgiveness.


Bottom line:

A lovely combination of great looking head, cracking feel and a degree of playability. The “progressive” shafts tailor flex, launch and spin throughout the set to optimise your long, mid and short game performance.  

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Product Information

Availability 2-PW (Stock set 4-PW)
Stock shaft Dynamic Gold Pro
7iron loft/length 34 deg / 37.25”

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