Nike Golf VR_S Super-Game Improvement Iron Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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  • RRP £399.95

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that Nike Golf seemed happy to simply service the need of the better player, and pay less attention to the weekend hacker. But in recent years the balance has happily been redressed an d the magnificent VR_S irons are proof of that.

The clubs have been designed with the manufacturer’s innovative NexCor face technology which gives golfers more distance on a wider area of the face. And the Test Team really did reap the benefits. Rik Taylor produced some excellent numbers when it came to carry distance, while Paul Bryant also obtained healthy yardage compared to the others on test. He liked the irons as soon as he put them behind the ball at address and felt confident over every shot.

Paul Brown also had nothing but positives to report back. He enjoyed how easy they were to swing and stated that the technology in the clubhead seemed to do the work for you. The irons are on the large side, which helped to inspire confidence in our testers and the sound off the face was powerful – another point of inspiration for a higherhandicap player. Aside from the fantastic performance, the price of these clubs is another massive plus-point for golfers seeking to improve. Nike Golf are continuing to make headway in the equipment market, and with irons like this it’s no wonder more golfers are just doing it!

Pro Verdict: “The first thing I noticed about these irons was that the big and chunky nature didn’t put me off – and this is down to the curvaceous styling which softens what could have been a very angular look at address. The friendly shape will appeal to a wide range of player, and the performance was excellent. The best way to get the most from your irons is to get customfitted, and Nike is no different.”

Ratings (out of 5)
Looks: 4.4
Feel: 4.5
Forgiveness: 4.4
Versatility: 4.3
Distance: 4.5
Dispersion: 4.0

The Nike VR_S is constructed of high strength, ultra thin stainless steel and the clubface offers more distance.
The club produces a higher, faster launch due to the Nike PowerBow technology, meaning a straighter ball flight and steeper descent.

Product Information

Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit availableYes
Forgiveness levelMedium
Graphite shafts availableYes
Iron typeCavity

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