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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • RRP £399.00

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Srixon's irons have always been a bit of a trade secret as the better known golf brands steal the limelight but the new Srixon WR could change that.

The new Srixon WR irons will undoubtedly appeal to a wide range of golfers thanks to their brilliant balance between playability and forgiveness.

They feature a "power ring" around the face to create a deeper centre of gravity for a higher flight.

2009 Review

Sometimes looks dont always match performance: but not with this impressive loking iron. Our boys gave it a five for looks and it proved muscular too. It was a real favourite, although the guys did suggest it may not suit higher handicappers in this category.

Ratings (out of 5)

Looks: Feel: Forgiveness: Dispersion: Distance:
5.0 5.0 4.0 3.5 5.0

If you want to find out what the TG Gear Team thought of the new Srixon WR irons, click here to see the video review.

Contact: 01420 541709
Graphite: Yes, £479

Product Information

Left Handed availableNo
Custom-Fit availableYes
Forgiveness levelMedium
Graphite shafts availableYes
Iron typeCavity

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Srixon Irons User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Another winner from Srixon

    By the Scot

    I have played Srixon irons for 4 years now (i-403 4-SW regular graphite shafts), but have always found their narrow sole to be difficult in soft ground conditions.  Too many fats with the ball dropping way short of the desired length.  When hit right it would fly but as a game improver, this was not always the case. I picked up the WR irons with regular steel shafts a week ago for a great price and have so far been out for a couple of rounds and down to the range.  I was attracted to them partly because I believe that Srixon are very good at making clubs, partly for the game improver tag and partly due to the universally good reviews they have received.  In person they are as pleasing to the eye as you could hope, with compact heads with a solid top line that gives you confidence at address.  The shafts look great too and the standard Srixon grip is nice and grippy. With range balls I was very impressed with the distance of the 5 iron and accuracy (both distance and line) for the more lofted clubs (7 & 9).  I did however notice a difference in off-centre hits from my graphite shafted irons.  With the steel shafts you are informed of the error with more vibration up the shaft than I have been used to.  This is however not a bad thing (aversion therapy and all that) and looking on the bright side, the resulting ball flight of the off-centre hit is not badly affected.  When I got out on the course I was also impressed by the effortless lack of fats with the club picking the ball up cleanly from the turf and delivering it a good distance towards the flag.  On several occasions I was complemented on the clean strikes and effortless distance.  It did take me a bit of time to get the distance right and I have had to change club selection, a whole club in the long irons and half a club at the other end of the bag.  Again, not a bad thing.  I didn't notice a particularly high ball flight, as mentioned in the video review on this site, but maybe that's because I am the target audience for these irons and the testers were better golfers. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and feel that I am going to be able to improve my handicap further with these irons without having to make other changes to my game.  If you are looking for a new set of quality irons at a good price and you are not a single-figure golfer, take a look at these.  If you are a single-figure golfer, I am hearing great things about the i-701s!

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