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Srixon’s ZX4 irons mark a “new revolution in forgiveness” for the golf brand with artificial intelligence used to develop unique and fastest face pattern.

The ZX4 irons bring forgiveness to the Srixon 2021 iron line-up while maintaining the brand’s signature look and forged feel.

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Hollow from short to long iron, the ZX4 irons are designed to produce a straight and high launch right across the face. Premium, high-density tungsten in the base of the long and mid irons lowers their centres of gravity significantly, producing a high-launch profile.

Srixon's ZX4 irons are the brand's most forgiving set ever.

A forged HT1770 Steel face is strong and light, increasing face-flex at impact for enhanced speed and distance. And a 431 Steel body absorbs vibrations for softer feel.

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ZX4 also feature Srixon’s new MainFrame technology, a one-of-a-kind face design that increases ball speed on every shot. Milled into the backside of each ZX4 face, MainFrame is a variable thickness pattern made up of grooves, channels, and cavities.

This pattern maximizes COR (energy transfer between face and ball) for more ball speed and enhanced distance.

Srixon's ZX4 irons are the brand's most forgiving set ever.

The engineering team used artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop the unique face pattern, with computers running thousands of simulations before settling on the fastest design.

The unique Tour V.T. Sole gives ZX4 smoother turf interaction and improved feel. The V-shaped sole is designed to glide smoothly through turf, even if you strike slightly behind the ball.

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Like all ZX irons, ZX4 also feature the resurgence of Srixon’s popular sole notches. Revered by professional tour players, these heel and toe notches enhance iron workability without sacrificing forgiveness.

How the Srixon ZX4 irons change throughout the set.

Key technology in the Srixon ZX4 irons


A variable thickness pattern made up of grooves, channels, and cavities. This pattern maximizes COR for more ball speed and enhanced distance.

Hollow Construction

Hollow in every loft, ZX4 is designed to deliver higher shots that launch straight and stay on target.

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Tour V.T. Sole

Smoother turf interaction and improved impact feel help the V-shaped sole glides smoothly through turf.

Tungsten Weighting

High-density tungsten in the base of ZX4’s long and mid irons lowers their centers of gravity significantly to deliver high, easy launches.

Face Forged

A forged HT1770 Steel face is strong and light, increasing face-flex at impact for enhanced speed and Srixon’s signature iron feel.

Progressive Grooves

The 4-iron to 7-iron feature wider grooves, ideal for longer shots in all conditions, while the 8-iron to Pitching Wedge have deeper, closer set grooves, perfect for cutting through vrass and debris on appraoch shots. 

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The Srixon ZX4, ZX5 and ZX7 irons.

Which Srixon ZX iron should I play?

ZX4 – Forgiving, Soft and Hollow 

Hollow irons offer a sleek, narrow look along with the forgiveness you’d typically only expect from larger designs.

ZX4 Irons deliver an exceptionally good address profile while also boasting our most powerful forgiveness to date.

It’s a game-changing combination that makes Srixon irons accessible to a whole new class of players that prefers game improvement equipment.

ZX5 – Fast, Soft and Powerful

ZX5 combines pioneering ball speed technology with premium forged feel, and delivers all of it in a forgiving yet workable chassis that’s razor sharp at address.

Balanced and thoughtful, these irons are the best of all worlds. If you’re after irons with forgiveness where it counts, control when you need it, soft forged feel, and explosive distance, then ZX5 is your ultimate set.

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ZX7 Compact, Soft and Workable 

A players iron that looks and feels like a blade while offering more speed and total control —ZX7 delivers it all. 

A compact blade shape, narrow topline, single-piece forging, and narrow sole provide the workability, feel, and aesthetics of a world-class players iron. 

Srixon ZX4 irons specs

Srixon ZX4 irons specs.

What Srixon say about the ZX4 irons

“The new Srixon ZX4 irons mark a new revolution in forgiveness for Srixon,” says Joe Miller, Product Manager at Srixon Sports Europe.

“The irons include a fully hollow construction with wide soles for getting the centre of gravity extremely low and providing maximum forgiveness from the turf.

“The ZX4 irons accomplish this in addition to MainFrame technology, Tour V.T. Soles, tungsten weighting, and the look and feel expected with Srixon ZX irons.”

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Verdict: Srixon ZX4 irons

Srixon irons have been a revelation this year and the ZX4 is no exception. Our test pro had a huge smile on his face as he clipped shots away down the range with our sample set. His thinking was very much that Mid-Handicap irons never used to look, sound or feel this good, and he couldn’t stop asking himself why so many golfers insist on making the game harder than it needs to be, by playing irons above our ability.

Pretty much the ZX4 do the job a vast majority of club golfers need. And that’s because they deliver on all front’s from looks, to sound and feel, distance and forgiveness, and of course in the current market they’re also very reasonably priced too.

How the Srixon ZX4 irons compare in data


How do they compare to the competition? Well our data says very favourably indeed. And we’d go as far as saying, if you’re looking for a true set of Mid-Handicap irons over the next year or so you’d be pretty foolish to rule out the ZX4.

Against the very best they flat out perform for ball speed, carry distance and forgiveness. And if you’re sat on the boundary fence looking at irons in both the Mid-Handicap and Players’ Distance iron camps, possibly considering an iron like the very popular TaylorMade P790 (which is a Players’ Distance model), then let’s just say there’s extra forgiveness on offer from ZX4, and you won’t be giving up anything in terms of speed or distance to get it.

All in the ZX4 are every bit as good as the ZX5 and ZX7, which makes them a cracking Mid-Handicap iron option.      

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Product Information

Srixon ZX4 iron

RRP: £899 (steel, 5i-PW), £999 (g, 5i-PW)

Availability: 4-iron-LW

Stock shaft: Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH Neo (s), Diamana OEM (g)

Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

7-iron loft: 28.5°

Forgiveness category: 3.5 (Mid-Handicap / Game Improver Iron)

Other irons to consider: Ping G425, TaylorMade SIM2 Max, Callaway Apex DCB.

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