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Distance and forgiveness have been rolled together in a more compact head, which for many golfers is a potent mixture. Face slots and speed pockets increase flex at the perimeter of the head to improve ball speed consistency and drop off. Geocoustic engineering uses a stiff cavity badge to attach the face to the body to control unwanted vibrations and deliver great sound and feel.      

Our verdict:

Many golfers will want to know how the new M1 irons compare against TaylorMade’s M2’s and trust us if you test them on a launch monitor you’re highly likely to go M2. The reason being M2 are 2deg stronger in loft (½ a club difference) which for our test pro equated to 5 mph of ball speed and of 12 yards of carry distance, which in anyone’s book is a lot. It absolutely doesn’t mean though the M1 is a slouch. All three testers recorded either their fastest individual shot or average ball speeds with the M1 (of the game improvement irons test) and Simon carried the M1 further (165 yards) than any other game improvement iron.       

TaylorMade M1 Irons

Bottom line:

Iron designers will tell you combining good forgiveness in a more compact head is a real challenge. So whilst the M1 is more compact than the M2 for us it wasn’t quite so long. It didn’t stop gear editor Simon though really wanting the M1’s in his bag for 2017.  


Product Information


Availability: 3 – PW, AW, SW

Stock shaft: True Temper XP 95 (s) Mitsubishi Kuro Kage (g)

Seven iron loft and length: 30.5deg / 36.75”

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