TaylorMade Rescue Mid/RAC OS Combo Better Player Irons Review

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TaylorMade Rescue Mid/RAC OS Combo

As TaylorMade’s Rescue Mid is the market-leading hybrid club, it makes perfect sense for a couple of these excellent clubs to be combined with irons from the rac range of irons for an extremely playable premium set of clubs. Why, then, are they not more widely available? I first saw them for sale on an American website and checked with TM that they’re on sale here. They said ‘yes’ and were eager for us to feature them, but my impression is you will probably need to order them specially. Partly as a result, you will notice that they’re likely to be expensive. Until the concept gets wider distribution, it may even be cheaper for readers to buy the whole rac OS set and a couple of Rescue Mids separately!

We’ve given rave reviews in the past to both the Rescue Mids and the rac OS irons, so further detailed elaboration is probably unnecessary, except to say we noticed the OS irons gave a slightly lower trajectory than both the other clubs in this test and the rac HT we reviewed last month. But they’re classy, well balanced clubs that will suit all but the very best or very worst golfers.

The Rescue Mids take a bit of getting used to, but they perform well enough that even pros use them nowadays. Indeed, they set the standard for relatively short-shafted clubs that feel like a long iron but hit like a wood (or is it the other way round?). Put it this way: if 180-yard shot fill you with dread, you should try a Rescue Mid PDQ.

Verdict: Pricier than most hybrid combo sets, but probably the best for most serious, half-decent golfers. Deserves wider distribution as a set in itself.

Set make-up: Any combo of 3 (19), 4 (22) and 5 (25) Rescue Mids, with set completed by rac OS irons.
Shaft length of 3-iron equivalent: 40 in (S) or 39.5in (G)
Shaft Options: Steel: S, R;graphite: S, R, M, L.
Left-handed: Yes.
Ladies’ version: No, but the Miscela combo set, created specially for women golfers, is very similar.

Product Information

Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit availableYes
Forgiveness levelLow
Graphite shafts availableYes
Iron typeCavity

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