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TaylorMade’s new SIM Max OS Irons are the strongest lofted irons they’ve ever made

TaylorMade’s new SIM Max OS irons represents a new direction for the brand, and by that we mean the 27° 7-iron, which are the strongest lofted irons they’ve ever made. It’s also equivalent to the very strongest on the market – Callaway’s Rogue X.

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TaylorMade’s switch of focus to geometry has rendered this possible, having made it a priority in 2020 to create a distance iron that feels and sounds every bit as good as a forged model.

Like the new SIM drivers, TaylorMade haven’t gone back to the drawing board to start over, either. Speed Bridge technology – a supporting beam which attaches the sole to the top edge – made an appearance on last year’s M5 and M6 irons, and it’s fundamental to making the new SIM Max OS faster and longer. 

As the name suggests OS is oversized, but not nasty, in a rowing oar way. Face-height is 1mm taller than the SIM Max and there’s 1mm more offset, which helps position the centre of gravity further back to flight shots to counteract the strong lofts. Wide sole geometries position the centre of gravity low and back, delivering a high but penetrating ball flight.


Think of the OS as a distance-orientated super game improver iron, which can add five yards of carry distance (half-a-club) over the SIM Max and you won’t go far wrong. TaylorMade say they’d work well in the hands of golfers who try to “scoop” shots into the air, too. 

We understand why TaylorMade have gone down the strong loft route (with SIM Max OS) – with more golfers buying clubs on launch monitor data, it’s a case of having to, if you’re to compete.

TaylorMade SIM Max OS iron

What you need to know about the TaylorMade SIM Max OS irons

There’s a bigger sweetspot
By thinning face thickness by 17% over M6, and using progressive inverted cone technology in the longer irons (where shots are often hit more towards the toe) TaylorMade say the SIM’s sweetspot has effectively grown by 40%.

Speed Bridge

Speed Bridge gives more rigidity to the topline, making it behave like a hinge, flexing and rebounding at impact, improving ball speeds. It also helps eliminate harsh vibrations, improving sound and feel.

New ECHO damping system

ECHO is TaylorMade’s biggest ever polymer damper. It’s concertina design means there are multiple contact points behind the whole length of the face. TaylorMade says vibration channels give space for the damper to flex without impeding face flex.

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TaylorMade SIM Max OS Iron: Verdict 

Callaway have gone after strong lofts harder and faster than anyone in the last couple of years, but TaylorMade are hitting back with the SIM Max OS in 2020, saying the lofts aren’t just strong for speed and distance either.

TaylorMade reckon iron design has got to a point where strong lofts are actually necessary to stop shots from spinning up and losing distance. Our data speaks for itself. The OS was our longest super game-improvement iron (by three and four yards from the two hybrid irons), and it gave similar spin numbers to the wider and higher-lofted Wilson Launch Pad, which means shots will stop on a green.

But the SIM Max OS story isn’t just about power; it’s about ultimate forgiveness, too. Our drop-off data has the Max OS among our top three (remember it’s up against wide-body hybrids, too) at protecting ball speed, backspin and carry, which ultimately increases forgiveness. The TaylorMade SIM Max OS is a very good iron for lots of club golfers.

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