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Wilson’s D9 irons promise the ultimate in distance, golf performance and control thanks to computer modelling software.

Wilson Golf, the brand with more Major victories (62) than any other with its irons, invested heavily in a generative computer design process to produce its new D9 irons for players looking for the ultimate in distance, performance and control.

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The innovative design process uses computer modelling software to evolve a design by simulating several club head variations to produce the most effective design possible comparing data across hundreds of versions.

Wilson D9 iron address view and face.

It’s no surprise that Wilson are pitching the D9 as a distance orientated model once again.

Wilson’s D7 irons have been among the longest we’ve tested for the last two years, and we’ve definitely labelled them “distance monsters” on more than one occasion. The mix of lightweight components and very strong lofts have been a winning combination on pro shop launch monitors. 

Just like the D9 driver, Wilson have had computers whirring away at their HQ to come up with a faster, more powerful design, particularly around their Power Hole technology.

The computer churned out 300-400 models before Wilson started prototyping. And the final design – one that human brains just wouldn’t have thought of – ensures golfers get maximum ball speed from not just the centre of the face, but also toe and heel impacts, too.

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The Wilson D9 iron

Wilson D9 irons review

RRP: £499 5-PW (s), £599 5-PW (g) 

Availability: 4-PW, GW, SW 

Stock shafts: KBS Max Ultralite 80g (s); Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver (g) – A (55g), R (60g), S (70g)

Stock grips: Lamkin Genesis Crossline

7-Iron loft: 27°

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Verdict: Wilson D9 iron

The D9’s predecessors (D7) were a huge hit for Wilson. They combined strong lofts with oversized heads, plenty of hosel offset and lightweight, higher-launching shafts. The combination worked really well in the hands of ordinary club golfers as they delivered strong, powerful ball flights, but they were also very playable, too.

And, from what we can see, the D9 has inherited all those superb traits. Yes, the heads are big and the soles are wide, but that’s where the forgiveness comes from that the users of these clubs will enjoy so much.

We’re big fans of the easy-to-launch KBS Max shafts and how Wilson manage to bring a set of D9s in for less than £500. If you’re new to golf in 2021, or you just want to make the game as easy as it can be without employing a set of hybrid irons, the D9s are an outstanding place to start your search.

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How does the Wilson D9 iron compare to other leading High-Handicap irons in data?

Wilson D9 iron data

Wilson D9 irons tech

Stronger, but higher

The D9 are a degree stronger than the D7 ( the 7-iron is 27º), but thanks to dropping the centre of gravity height by 1.2mm (to create Wilson’s lowest ever CG iron), Wilson say shots will fly higher and have a steeper landing angle – making it possible to hold a green from distance.

Ultra-thin, ultra-fast
By using the largest, thinnest unsupported face they have ever created, Wilson guarantee the D9 is fast and long.

The D9 range features Wilson proprietary Power Hole 2.0 Technology. The Urethane-filled pocket arrangements increase deflection and allows even more energy to transfer to the ball across the entire face for effortless higher balls speeds and increased distance.

They’ve even got rid of any welds on the face (which can inhibit flex) to ensure every bit of speed and distance is retained.   

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The Wilson D9 iron's Power Hole 2.0 Technology.

Grips and shafts: Wilson D9 irons

The new Wilson Staff D9 Irons come as standard with an 80g KBS UltraLite steel shaft – the lightest shaft in the KBS line-up and created especially for the D9 range – featuring a longer tip section to promote a higher ball flight.

The graphite iron features the MRC Tensei AV Silver shaft in A(55g), R(60g), S(70g) options.

Both shaft options come with the new Lamkin Genesis Crossline grip.

The Wilson D9 iron replaces the D7 model.

What Wilson say about the D9 irons

“The process we used required over 100 processor cores of computing power and it helped us as an engineering team get to a final design quicker than ever before,” said Jon Pergande, Manager of Wilson Golf Club Innovation.

“We had 120 computers running for seven days a week to create the overall design and we’re delighted with the result in creating an aesthetically-pleasing range with more distance and control than ever before.

A cut-through of the Wilson D9 iron.

“The D9 irons represent a technological advancement showcasing Wilson’s future approach to iron design and development.

“The aim was to create a distance iron which generated a higher ball flight and landed softer onto greens. With straighter lines, a cleaner top line and an ultra-thin face, the D9 irons combine the look of a player’s iron with the benefits of super game improvement distance technology.”

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Product Information

Wilson D9 irons

RRP: £499 5-PW (s), £599 5-PW (g) 

Availability: 4-PW, GW, SW 

Stock shafts: KBS Max Ultralite 80g (s); Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver (g) – A (55g), R (60g), S (70g)

Stock grips: Lamkin Genesis Crossline

7-Iron loft: 27°

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