Yonex EZONE Elite Irons Review

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A double undercut cavity means the soles extremely thin behind the face to maximise face flex at impact. Weight is removed from high in the blade by Yonex’s Octaforce tech and relocated to create a progressive peripheral weighting system. Which to golfers means extra help launching long irons further and straighter and extra control in the short irons.

Our verdict:

The Elite’s 29deg 7 iron is stronger than some brands 6 iron, which goes a long way to explaining its joint longest average carry distance (188 yards with the Benross HTX Compressor Type R) performance for our test pro. There’s no hiding from the heads size though, it’s pretty large and because its’ got less offset than most we reckon it might appeal to golfers that really don’t enjoy seeing the leading edge of an iron a long way behind the hosel at address. Thanks to the size the Elite’s really forgiving, there’s an average sole width to aid reasonable ball striking from most turf types and a reasonably narrow top edge to suit the eye of experienced golfers. 

Bottom line:

Yonex won’t be the first choice for many golfers when it comes to irons, but even if the Elite is a bit plain it’s well worth a second look particularly if you consider the price. There might not be lots of visible tech like some but across the board its solid and can do a job for the reasonable club golfer.    

Product Information


Availability: 5 - SW

Stock shaft: FST 115 (s) Yonex M60 (g)

Seven iron loft and length: 29deg / 37.25”

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