Yonex EZONE XPG Irons Review

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Tech: The XPG features a double undercut cavity behind an ultra-thin chromoly spring steel clubface to maximise ball speeds even on miss-hits. A “Dual Tungsten Power” system adds 4g to the headweight, meaning you swing at the same speed but the club head travels quicker.

We say: A very typical, Japanese iron. The head’s quite large from toe to heel, there’s not much offset and a slimmed down top-edge gives a sleek appearance. For us it’s much more a club for those after a good looking but forgiving iron, instead of golfers wanting out and out distance and forgiveness at all costs. Loft-wise the XPG’s are pretty strong so it’s natural they put in a powerful carry distance performance. Interestingly Chris Ryan’s two longest shots came from the toe (10mm) and heel (9mm) which has to prove Yonex’s “chromoly” steel faces are doing exactly what they should and maximising face flex, no matter where you impact shots.

Verdict: A very solid performance from the XPG. We particularly like how the lightweight KBS C-Taper 90 comes as the standard steel shaft. It’s a great option and thanks to its lower weight has the ability to improve club speed.

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2016 Yonex EZONE XPG Irons Review

Product Information


Availability: 5-SW

Stock shaft: KBS C-Taper 90+ (s) Yonex EX310 (g)

7i loft/length: 29.5° / 37”

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