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Bettinardi putters are premium, tour proven and 100% CNC Milled. 2022 is the year the brand has given the BB-Series and Inovai models a makeover, here’s how to choose which model best suits you. 

Bob Bettinardi is the grandfather of CNC Milled putters. It was he who back in 1991 set out on a journey to tell the world about one-piece precision CNC milled flatsticks being more beautiful, more precise and more consistent than their cast, forged or welded counterparts. Bettinardi understood CNC Milling so well Scotty Cameron, Mizuno and Ben Hogan all recognised his brilliance and employed him to create their putters, before in 1998 he founded his own premium putter enterprise.

30 years on and Bettinardi are a big deal in CNC putters. Over 85 tour events around the world have been won using flatsticks bearing the Bettinardi name. Jim Furyk and Francesco Molinari have won majors (the US Open and The Open Championship) using Bettinardi putters and players of the ilk of Matt Fitzpatrick, Matt Kuchar and Freddy Couples are willing staff ambassadors today.

For 2022 Bettinardi has reinvented the BB-Series and Inovai family, and Bob himself reckons no matter whether you’re a blade, mallet or MOI putter fan the new models will help you hole more putts, and put a bigger smile on your face whilst doing it.

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Bettinardi BB-Series Putters 2022

The BB-Series has been a part of Bettinardi since the very beginning. BB was introduced in 1999, at time when Bettinardi was branching out on his own and hitting the tour to gain validation from the worlds best players. Back then his first stop was the Greater Greensborough Open where Jesper Parnevik immediately picked up a BB-10 before going on to set a 99 putt record (that still stands today) on his course to victory.

The 2022 Bettinardi BB-Series are a four-model family, each is inspired by feedback from Bettinardi staffers on tour. The family consists of three toe and heel weighted blades (with Plumber and Flow Neck’s) and a BB-46 mid-mallet (with single bend hosel/shaft set up).

All four models have varying degrees of toe hang to suit different stroke shapes. Where previous BB-Series putters have been created from carbon steel the 2022 models are a single piece of 303 SS. Bettinardi say the material is preferred by their tour staff. A beautiful new graphite grey PVD finish eliminates rusting, and a more aggressive FlyMill face gives a softer feel.

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Bettinardi BB-1 putter

RRP: £389

Neck: Plumbers

Weight: 350g

Toe hang: ½ (Mid)


The super traditional toe and heel weighted BB-1 is a classic shape that’s been around for decades. Bettinardi say a new thinner topline and softer sleeker back bumpers give a great look at address. A mid toe hang means the BB-1 is well suited to golfers with slight arc strokes and those who like to feel they release the putter through impact.  

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Bettinardi BB-1F putter

RRP: £389

Neck: Flow

Weight: 350g

Toe hang: ¾ (Strong)


F stands for Flow Neck, which means the shaft elegantly disappears into the putter head without a hard 90° angle between it and the head. The Flow Neck gives less offset (3/4 of a shaft where the BB-1 has a full shaft) and a strong toe hang, which means the BB-1F is more suited to stronger arc strokes. 

Bettinardi BB-8W putter

RRP: £389

Neck: Plumbers

Weight: 350g

Toe hang: ½ (Mid)


W stands for Wide, which means the BB-8’s head is wider and more stable than a traditional narrow body blade. The BB-8W has sharper, straighter lines and a flatter less curved bumper design than the BB-1 and BB-1F. Compared to previous models the head is slightly shorter from toe to heel, and there’s a thinner tour inspired topline. A plumbers neck gives mid amounts of toe hang so the model is well suited to slight arc strokes.

Verdict: Bettinardi BB-8W putter

If like us you put a traditional narrow body blade putter down at address and feel the head looks unforgivingly narrow, then Bettinardi’s 100% CNC Milled BB-8W will be right up your street. We’re suckers here at TG for slightly wider blade putters. They give the impression of being more forgiving, which if we’re honest should help the majority of club golfers be more positive on the dancefloor, as it’s no secret 85% of putts outside 10 feet never make it to the hole at club level.

It’s goes without saying how Bettinardi has crafted the BB-8W’s head is out of this world good.

The Bettinardi BB-8W putter

The milling pattern on the face is aggressive and prominent, the detailing with subtle logos and nothing to distract the eye is just the sort of look decent players buy into, we also love how the sight line is a fraction off white in colour, so it doesn’t scream out from this sleek and beautiful model.

If you love the look of blade putters but ideally could do with something a little more forgiving the wider body BB-8W has to be explored.     

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Bettinardi BB-46 putter

RRP: £389

Neck: Spud

Weight: 350g

Toe hang: 1/8 (Slight)


The BB-46 is close to being face balanced which means it’s a good choice for straighter strokes. Bettinardi say the ‘Spud’ neck means the shaft looks like it flows seamlessly straight into the head, which is perfect if your eye is prone to getting drawn to jointing details. Tight shoulder radiuses on the back flange give a super clean look, as with all the BB-Series models a single white alignment line a (which doesn’t encroach on the top line) aids aiming consistently at your target line.

Bob Bettinardi – CEO and Founder of Bettinardi Golf on the BB-Series putters

Bettinardi is proud to continue the tradition of American made craftsmanship and ingenuity, creating our most timeless and advanced BB-Series to date. The new BB-Series is milled out of a solid block of 303 Stainless Steel and features an all-new aggressive FlyMill face milling, finished with a gorgeous graphite gray PVD finish that gives this series of putters a Tour inspired look, feel and performance.

WATCH: Bob Bettinardi explains the 2022 BB-Series putters

Bettinardi putter faces explained

Over the years Bettinardi, through working with the some of the very best players, has learned a ton about how different face milling patterns change the sound and feel of a putter. Today Bettinardi use three different face patterns to bring out the desired feel, sound and responsiveness wanted from each family. Here’s how to choose which best suits you.

Bettinardi Aggressive FlyMill

Bettinardi’s aggressive FlyMill pattern is created by the mill moving horizontally across the face in much the same way as most conventional milled putters. Bettinardi says the FlyMill pattern gives a muted but responsive impact sensation and it’s particularly good for players to maximise speed and feel consistency.

In terms of feel the FlyMill sits in the middle, between the Roll Control (softest) and Micro Honeycomb (firmest), it comes as standard on the 2022 BB-Series models.


Bettinardi Roll Control  

The Roll Control is Bettinardi’s newest miled face pattern. By removing face material and creating a grooved face design golfers get a softer feeling putter. Bettinardi says the asymmetrical groove promotes more topspin and gets putts rolling quicker than a conventional non-grooved putter face.

Typically Roll Control works well for players with a more aggressive putting action. You’ll find the technology on the Inovai 6.0/8.0 and 2021 Studio Stock line-up.

Bettinardi Micro Honeycomb

Bettinardi discovered the benefits of milling putter faces vertically from above back in 1998. Bettinardi reckoned because the milled dropped vertically down onto the face (a process that Bettinardi patented) rather than skidding horizontally across it, the face was 200% flatter than a conventional milled putter.

Today the Micro Honeycomb pattern is used on Bettinardi’s Queen Bee Series. It’s a good choice for golfers who like a firm feel at impact and players who are particularly conscious of controlling speed on the greens.  

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Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 putters

Inovai is the Bettinardi family dedicated to innovation. Where the brands BB-Series, Studio Stock and Queen B models target the eye of traditional putter fans the Inovai is for golfers looking to push the envelope on MOI and forgiveness performance.


Bettinardi fans will recognise the fanged 6.0, it’s a head shape the company have used before, this new model though is 5% smaller from toe to heel. Gone is the previous models cobalt blue colouring, replaced instead by a stealthy black, anodized finish.

Each of the three new heads comes with Bettinardi’s Roll Control face milling pattern which has asymmetrical grooves to promote more topspin, and shorten the distance putts travel before getting into a true roll.

All three Inovai 6.0 models are perfect for fang putter fans, pick the right hosel/neck and toe hang to suit your stroke and the fanged design is stable, forgiving and great at framing the ball at address and throughout your stroke. A great choice for anyone who likes the comfort of a golf ball width alignment aid to help focus on where putts should be impacting the face.

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Sam Bettinardi – Vice President of Bettinardi Golf on the Inovai 6.0 putters

The Inovai 6.0 has been one of the most successful head shapes we’ve ever created. Now with two years of Tour feedback we’ve refined the new 6.0 with a 5% smaller head from heel to toe, offering a sleek, more compact design than it’s predecessor. We’re proud to bring this Tour- proven model to golfers around the world.

The Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 putter

Verdict: Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 2022 putter

The Inovai 6.0 isn’t a brand new model to the Bettinardi range, what’s different though is a 5% smaller size and a new stealth black finish. It’s difficult to comprehend how much a simple colour switch (from a divisive cobalt blue) has moved the 6.0 on from a marmite love it or hate it fringe player to having oodles of mass market appeal.

Bettinardi putters are always beautifully made.

We love the detailing of the 6.0’s head, the feel sound and roll from the CNC Milled face and how the fanged head design frames the ball at address (with a golf ball width alignment aid), whilst also highlighting the putters path and improving stability performance.

All in the Inovai 6.0 is a 100% CNC Milled beauty of a putter, we’d love one in our bag, don’t forget you can also choose between two of the best putter grips available (Lamkin Sink-Fit Standard and Jumbo) with any purchase.       

WATCH: Sam Bettinardi explains the Inovai 6.0 and 8.0 putters

Bettinardi Inovai 8.0 putters

It’s no secret there’s a real move amongst tour players towards higher MOI mallet shaped putters, Bettinardi’s new Inovai 8.0 is the model targeting the success of the likes of TaylorMade’s Spider, Odyssey’s Ten and the Scotty Cameron Phantom X.


Like the Inovai 6.0 each 8.0 has a 303 stainless steel face and military grade 6061 aluminium back, so extra mass can be located in the back of the putter to create a stable and forgiving design. Much more so than the previous curved Inovai 7.0 model the angular back is great for highlighting alignment accuracy.

Each of the three new heads comes with Bettinardi’s Roll Control face milling pattern which has asymmetrical grooves to promote more topspin, and shorten the distance putts travel before getting into a true roll.

All three Inovai 8.0 models are perfect for golfers looking for maximum MOI and forgiveness performance when putting. Just pick the right hosel/neck and toe hang to suit your stroke and the defined wing design is stable and forgiving enough to improve distance control consistency between on and of centre strikes. A great choice for forgiving modern mallet fans who put a premium on the precision of CNC milled mutli-material technology.


Verdict: Bettinardi Inovai 8.0 putter

With the Inovai 8.0 being pitched in as an MOI putter Bettinardi might well argue the model shouldn’t have appeared within our mallet test group. But make no mistake the 8.0 has a very compact mallet size.

Yes the modern boxy and wing shaped head has been designed to raise MOI forgiveness on off centre hits, which is brilliant, but put it alongside a Cobra 3D Printed SuperNova (MOI model) and we we’d be comparing chalk with cheese.

The 8.0 doesn’t have the elegance and finesse of the Queen B, or Bettinardi’s BB-8W. But in our minds there’s a place for it in the hands of golfers who like the size of a compact mallet, but also want forgiveness, without going full out wide body MOI model.

If that’s you then you’ll enjoy the models feel, sound and roll credentials within the mallet putter category just as much we did. 

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Review written by: Simon Daddow

Simon Daddow is Today's Golfer equipment editor.

About the author:

Simon Daddow is the Equipment Editor at

Simon has worked in the golf industry for 30 years. Starting out as trainee professional at Downes Crediton GC where he learned the art of golf club making, before going onto work for Clubhaus Plc and Tony Charles Ltd as a golf club maker, and running Product Development at Benross Golf.

Joining EMAP Active (now Bauer Media) in 2006 as Equipment Editor, Simon has worked for Today’s Golfer and Golf World magazines and the Today’s Golfer website.

Simon is 46 years old, he’s played golf for 40 years and plays to a handicap of 10.

A lack of club speed means he’s short off the tee, but very handy from 125 yards and in.

Product Information

Bettinardi 2022 BB-Series putters


RRP: $430

Models: BB-1 / BB-1F / BB-8W / BB-46

Head material: 303 Stainless Steel

Finish: Graphite Gray PVD

Face milling: Aggressive FlyMill

Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit Standard (72g) or Lamkin Sink Fit Jumbo (75g)

Bettinardi 2022 Inovai 6.0 putters

RRP: $400

Models: Slant / Spud / Centre

Head material: 303 Stainless Steel and 6061 Aluminium

Finish: Diamond Blast and Stealth Black Anodized

Face milling: Roll Control

Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit Standard (72g) or Lamkin Sink Fit Jumbo (75g)


Bettinardi Inovai 8.0 putters

RRP: $400

Models: Slant / Spud / Armlock

Head material: 303 Stainless Steel and 6061 Aluminium

Finish: Diamond Blast and Stealth Black Anodized

Face milling: Roll Control

Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit Standard (72g) or Lamkin Sink Fit Jumbo (75g)

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