Bettinardi Queen B #9 Review

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Bettinardi’s Queen B #9 putter made it in to our top 10 mallets of 2018 in our biggest ever equipment test – Top Gear. Find out what our testers made of it below

Bettinardi Queen B #9 Putter Review: You should know

Designed for golfers with more broadly arcing strokes (hence the extra toe-hang), the #9 is a compact to mid-sized mallet with a super simple look thanks to the crisp, clean milled edges. The micro honeycomb milling pattern on the face delivers a muted but crisp feel at impact. 

Bettinardi Queen B #9

Bettinardi Queen B #9 Putter Review: We say

Over the years our test team have put thousands of golf clubs through their paces but very rarely, does one ever have the effect the Queen Bee had on our test pro. The Bee’s top to tail beauty turned Ben all doe-eyed, warm and fussy inside and he struggled to find words to describe the Bee like a teenager stumbling over their words on a first date.

Every last detail has been thoroughly thought through and all three testers agreed golfers who have the cash to buy themselves into the Bettinardi table would surely want to go all out and bag themselves a trademark Bettinardi model (thanks to the distinctive face milling pattern) if they could. We love the honeycomb face pattern, Bettinardi says (at a microscopic level) it gives a more accurately cut face thanks to the mill moving up and down to create the face rather than sweeping across it. 

Do putter face grooves really make a difference?

Bettinardi Queen B #9 Putter Review: Verdict

A putter if you’re ever lucky enough to own you’ll cherish because it’s beauty goes well beyond it’s intended use. For owners of an arcing stroke who are looking for an exceptional mallet to invest in for years to come the Queen Bee #9 is one of the finest we’ve come across.   

Product Information

  • RRP: £319
  • Weight: 362g
  • Grip: Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol
  • Toe hang: Strong


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