Bettinardi Studio Stock 16 Review

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What we say...

The Tech:

Milled from soft carbon steel the #16 is a semi-circular shape with a degree of perimeter weighting. Bettinardi says the Super Fly-Mill face gives a muted, crisp feel to putts at impact and suits those players looking for a responsive feel. An Olympic Bronze finish eliminates glare and adds beauty.


Our verdict:

Bettinardi’s are very much an indulgence, and many will question the need to spend £300 on a flatstick. Others argue putters are the most used club in your bag so why not spend more on them than any other? We’ll let you make up your own mind but what’s important is the 16’s head being so tiny. Yes its beautifully milled with an Olympic Bronze finish, and its perfectly face balanced but we reckon you need to be a seriously confident putter to get your best putting performance out of such a small head design. For the record we thought feel was very different to the Keuchar Model we tested in the blades test with this being firmer and more “clicky”.   


Bottom line:

There’s no doubting the Studio Stock is a thing of beauty as are many of Bettinardi’s designs. If you find the attraction to the 16 too strong to resist just be confident of you’re dance floor ability before splashing the cash.    

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