Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0 Review

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The Tech:

Cleveland say that 80% of golfers don’t have their eyes directly over the ball when putting, which leads to some serious issues with alignment and not striking putts from the centre of the face. They reckon by raising the alignment aid to exactly half the size of a golf ball they’ve created the most accurate alignment aid ever for a blade putter.


Our verdict:

The concept behind the TFI 2135 is actually pretty clever and addresses an optical illusion which many golfers must have spotted over the years. Will it be a hit and convince you to spend you’re money on the idea? Only time will tell. At £99 we reckon the TFI 2135 is quite a steal as its full face insert takes some serious precision engineering. The lightweight aluminum face feels really good at impact and because its lighter helps increase MOI because there’s less weight at the front which is not something you often hear when talking about blade putters.       


Bottom line:

An intuitive idea that has the capacity to help you hit putts from the true centre of the face. We can’t say conclusively it helped us hole out more often, but alignment certainly felt more natural and accurate. If you fancy a new perspective on the greens in 2016 then the 1.0 is definitely worth a try.

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Product Information

Headweight: 345g

Grip: Cleveland Golf Lamkin

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