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Cleveland's TFI 2135 RHO putter made it in to our top 10 MOI putters of 2018 in our biggest ever equipment test - Top Gear. Find out what our testers made of it below. 

Cleveland TFI 2135 RHO Putter Review: You should know

Cleveland say 80% of golfers don’t have their eyes directly over the ball when putting, which leads to some serious issues with alignment and not striking putts from the centre of the face. By raising (and highlighting) the sightline to the height of the golf balls equator they reckon they’ve created the most accurate alignment aid ever. Heavy milling across the face increases speed consistency when putts are hit off-centre.

Cleveland TFI 2135 RHO

Cleveland TFI 2135 RHO Putter Review: We say

The best and most forgiving MOI putters of all time, have had some pretty funky head shapes, so it’s no surprise manufacturers chase “the next big putter design” by trialling all sorts of outlandish shapes and ideas. The RHOs head is busier than a tube train at rush hour, but it just about works, thanks to some clever colouring.

Our test pro really rated the wide head for it’s simplicity of alignment and stability. He also liked the idea of raising the sightline to the equator of the golf ball, feeling it a real benefit to help golfers address putts from the centre of the face. Cleveland have obviously done their research on the milled face groove pattern, and made sure golfers get a premium look, feel and roll from what is essentially a standard cast putter head. 

Do putter face grooves really make a difference?

Cleveland TFI 2135 RHO Putter Review: Verdict

If you like to work in straight lines when it comes to putting we reckon the RHO is a very good option. We love how its packed full of tech and comes with an oversize grip for very sensible money.  

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