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The Mizuno M-Craft putters bring forged iron like feel to the premium flatstick market.

Mizuno are massive players when it comes to forged irons and their whole product story typically evolves around ‘forged feel’. So, when you’ve got a decent sized chunk of good players swearing by your forged irons it makes sense to bring the same story to your wedges and putters, too.

When Mizuno launched their M-Craft putters in January 2020 it was the brand’s first foray into the market since they worked with putter legend Bob Bettinardi back in the late 2000s. As nice as the new three-model family were, we weren’t close to featuring the new marquee amongst our favourite putters of the year. 


Our thinking pretty much boiled down to how, aside from being forged, the two blades and a mallet were nothing we hadn’t seen a million times before. And if you expect punters to stump up £249 for a CNC Milled putter, there’s got to be a reason to buy, which we struggled to identify in those original models.

All that has changed though with the newly extended 2021 Mizuno M-Craft putter family. Three new models all have much more modern shapes and we think they warrant far more attention than their older siblings. Here’s why.   


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What you need to know about the Mizuno M-Craft putters

Forged and milled

Every M-Craft putter is forged, then CNC Milled to shape. The process ensures precision and consistency, and eliminates the inconsistencies associated with hand finishing. The head material is 1025 mild carbon steel, the same base material found in Mizuno’s award winning forged irons.


A deep CNC face milling pattern creates a softer feel and pure roll. And we like how CNC Milling gives sharp detailing and defined edges which means a super-premium look.

What no insert

The M-Craft putters don’t have soft, spongy face inserts, they’re all about giving golfers the sort of responsive feel expected from a Mizuno forged iron, but in a putter. Compared to soft insert putters you can expect a slightly firmer more confident impact sound, which brands are learning a lot of golfers actually like.     

Watch your weight

Each M-Craft putter head weighs in at 355g (apart from the 6 which is 371g), that’s a fraction more than standard but Mizuno say it promotes a fluid, rhythmical stroke. Each putter also comes with a weight kit (two 3g and 13g weights) and a wrench. It’s means you can increase or decrease each head weight by 10g.      


Grey, black or blue?     

When Mizuno launched the original three M-Craft models, each head was available in three different colours. The idea didn’t quite hit the spot, for us, because the types of serious golfers who buy traditional blade putters are much less turned on by ‘out of the ordinary’ colours.

The sort of golfers who are drawn to more forgiving fang shapes, stubby mallets and modern wide body blades, though, are much more likely to explore the M-Craft’s lovely Black and Blue Ion and more traditional satin white finishes.

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Mizuno M-Craft putters: The line-up

Mizuno M-Craft 4

RRP: £249

Putter type: Wide body blade

Head weight: 355g

Toe hang: Moderate


A modern wide-body blade with slant neck (which gives a little hosel offset) and longer sightline to help with alignment. We love the step free cavity back which gives a clean look at address. A moderate toe hang means the M-Craft 4 is well suited to slightly arcing putting strokes.     

Mizuno M-Craft 5

RRP: £249

Putter type: Wide mallet

Head weight: 355g

Toe hang: Moderate


A modern wide, stubby head mallet with a slant neck (which gives a little hosel offset) and cute boxy look. Mizuno say this model has maximum toe hang, but our test sample was very similar to the M-Craft 4. We like the uninterrupted long sightline and are particular keen on this model in the Black Ion finish. The M-Craft 5 is a good fit for slight to strong arc putting strokes.   

Mizuno M-Craft 6

RRP: £249

Putter Type: Fanged mallet / MOI

Head Weight: 371g

Toe hang: Face balanced


A modern winged stability mallet/MOI model. Two sightlines frame the golf balls width beautifully at address and a semi-circular shape in the cavity back focus attention brilliantly on the impact zone. The Mizuno M-Craft 6 is the only face balanced model in the line-up, it’s very well suited to golfers who swing putters on straighter paths.      

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Mizuno M-Craft 1

RRP: £249

Putter type: Blade

Head weight: 355g

Toe hang: Strong


A very traditional toe and heel weighted blade with a mid-slant neck to give a full shafts width of hosel offset. Some will find the stepped cavity a little distracting, but a single sightline is just what a lot of putting purists love. A strong toe hang means the M-Craft 1 is well suited to strong arc putting strokes.

Mizuno M-Craft-2

RRP: £249

Putter type: Blade

Head weight: 355g

Toe hang: Moderate


A very traditional toe and heel weighted blade with a plumber’s neck to give 3/4 of a shaft width worth of offset. A classic blade model, with single sightline and curved bumper edges which flow beautifully into the cavity back. A moderate toe hang means the M-Craft 2 is a great fit for slightly arcing putting strokes.   

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Mizuno M-Craft-3

RRP: £249

Putter type: Mallet

Head weight: 355g

Toe hang: Face balanced


A cute little mallet shaped head with single bend shaft and 1/2 a shaft width of offset. A classic, cavity back mallet with single sightline for a super clean, undistracting look at address. The face balanced M-Craft-3 is a great fit for straighter strokes.   

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Mizuno M-Craft putter specs


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Product Information

Mizuno M-Craft putters

RRP: £249

Models: Six

Head Weight: From 355g - 371g (with the ability to add or reduce by 10g) 

Shaft: KBS Tour

Grip: Lamkin Deep Etched

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