Odyssey OWorks #1 Wide Putter Review

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Odyssey OWorks #1 Wide Putter Review: You need to know

Odyssey’s engineers reckon the “microhinge” face insert redefines what golfers consider to be good roll. New finger shaped grips on the stainless-steel face plate are combined with a thermoplastic elastomer feel layer to grab and interact with the cover at impact, lifting the ball into a better roll.  

Odyssey OWorks #1 Wide

Odyssey OWorks #1 Wide Putter Review: We say

Many golfers think blade putters are just for arcing strokes, but it’s simply not true anymore, as more brands have discovered way’s to create blades that perform better for straighter strokes. The #1 Wide with its shorter but wider body along with the sort of double bend shaft you often find in mallet putters means this design has less toe hang so is much more suited to straighter putting strokes.

The microhinge face insert feels absolutely perfect and we all loved the new red highlighted sight lines. We tested this model with a Superstroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip which is bigger with softer edges than the Pistol GT Tour but just as nice to use.     

Do putter face grooves really make a difference? 

Odyssey OWorks #1 Wide Putter Review: Verdict

Odyssey are masters of the flatstick and we love how models like this open up blade putters to a wider audience. Our testers felt the full shaft of offset really encouraged getting the hands ahead of the ball and stroking balls beautifully across the greens surface. A top all round putter.  

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Headweight: 350g

Grip: Superstroke Pistol GT Tour or Superstroke Slim 2.0 (with Counter Core Tech)

Toe hang: Slight

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