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Toe Up is a completely new concept for putters, it means the putter is “Stroke Balanced” (naturally weighted) to experience less torque or twisting during the putting stroke. The head naturally wants to stay aligned at your target making it easier to get the blade back square to your target line more often…which Odyssey reckon improves consistency.

Our verdict:

Plenty will say the Toe Up concept hasn’t quite taken off yet, we certainly wouldn’t argue, but we’d also reiterate it doesn’t mean the concept isn’t sound. Bryson DeChambeau’s a big fan of stroke balanced putters and who’s to say if he wins a major the concept won’t become mainstream? The issue we have with Toe Up is the head shapes that make the concept possible just aren’t that inspiring, which all too quickly zaps the very confidence a new putter is supposed to install. Swinging the Toe Up feels really natural though. There’s no resistance or forces trying to yank the blade open at the back of the takeaway which is very different to all of the other blade putters tested. As much as we’d love to say the concept translated into great dance floor performance we just can’t. For us the hosel design means you need a serious forward press to get your hands ahead of the putter face, which just isn’t suited to how lots of golfers putt.

Odyssey O Works toe up toe hang

Bottom line:

The Toe Up concept is sound, it’s a step forward in twist resistance for putters. Before you head down to your friendly pro-shop for one we’d recommend waiting until the head shapes become more mainstream and have the ability to position the hands ahead of the ball just like Odyssey’s excellent OWorks #1 Wide. 

Product Information


Headweight: 355g

Grip: Superstroke Flatso 1.0

Toe hang: None. The Toe Up balances vertically.

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