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The Ping 2021 putters have a multi-layer face insert just like a premium multi-piece tour golf ball. The idea gives a soft touch and solid feedback.  

Designing putters which sell in big numbers is a hit and miss business. When designers get it right, tour players use the performance enhancing new models, some win with them and consequently consumers buy them by the gazillion.

Ping, at least originally, built its brand on Anser putter sales, but while there’s been a lot of success stories on Tour over the years, it’s been some time since Ping launched a model that captured the golfing public’s imagination and delivered sales in really big numbers. Ping reckon though its new 2021 Putter family can do just that.  

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The new 2021 line-up consists of 11 models. There’s four Anser and Kushin blades. Five mid-mallet head shapes (the Tyne comes in both a slant neck – Tyne 4, and centre shaft set-up – Tyne C), and a brand new super high MOI Harwood design, that’s 100% CNC Milled from soft aluminum.  

Ping say thanks to the new face insert the 2021 family really is a feel good story. But there’s also new shallower PLD face grooves and tungsten face weights to enhance roll consistency and stability, here’s everything you need to know about them. 

What you need to know about the Ping 2021 Putter family

Multi-Layer insert

Ping have used Pebax putter inserts before, Pebax comes from the elastomer family, and it’s lightweight so it frees up inefficient weight to help maximise MOI in whatever head shape you choose. Ping say the combination of materials in the insert gives a soft sound and feel with more predictable and consistent ball speed responses.


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Tungsten face weights

Ping have really gone after improving stability with their last two putter launches. The 2021 models build on previous successes thanks to new heavy tungsten toe and heel face weights, which are on each model apart from the CA70, Fetch and Oslo H. Ping say the idea brings the centre of mass down lower in the head, which adds to their stability and forgiveness story.   


Shallow grooves

Ping developed shallower PLD face grooves through working with their tour players. The idea was a solution to pro’s wanting a little softer response from their putter than a flat non-grooved face (like the Heppler models), but also a little firmer feedback than the brands TR grooves. Now you’ll find the same PLD grooves on all of the the new 2021 Putter family.


Ping say putter performance is a really delicate balance of physics and psychology, it’s like walking a tightrope of balancing ball speed, sound and feel responses to expectations, so there’s no need for player adjustment. They reckon the 2021 multi-layer grooved insert performs that balancing act beautifully.    

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Multi-material construction

Just like Ping’s firmer feeling Heppler putter family, the 2021 line-up all boast of multi-material constructions. Each putter in the family is created from at least three materials.

Where the blade models have steel bodies, the mid-mallets are a combination of lightweight aluminium cores with heavier steel body surrounds to maximise stability within their headsize. The bigger MOI style Harwood is CNC Milled from lightweight aluminium with four heavy tungsten corner weights.   

New grips

If you’re to stand any chance of maxing out your putting stats in 2021, you really need to love the shape and feel of your putter grip. So, the new 2021 Putter models also come with three new grip choices.

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The PP58 is a new midsized version of the iconic Ping grip used by Tiger Woods (this grip comes as standard on all models apart from the Harwood). The PP58-S has pronounced flat surfaces and a straight taper running down the back of the grip.

And there’s a Lamkin produced PP60 which completes the line-up with a cracking interactive surface texture (it’s the stock grip on the Harwood). Each model can be interchanged and chosen as upgrade options.  

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Ping President, John K.Solheim on the 2021 Putters

We’ve engineered lots of score-lowering technology into the 2021 putter line through extensive research and tour player feedback. All the models are developed with higher MOI through strategic materials, including tungsten, steel and aluminum, to provide the forgiveness and accuracy golfers expect from a Ping putter.

The dual-durometer insert features uniform, shallow grooves to give golfers a soft, responsive feel for more consistent distance control with the precise touch they need to hole more putts. We’ve also advanced the visual cues to help make alignment easier and more natural when addressing a putt.

Eleven options ensure there’s a putter to fit every golfer’s eye and stroke type. The line-up features new designs created through our Tour-focused PLD (Putting Lab Design) program, including versions inspired by Ping professionals Viktor Hovland (DS 72) and Cameron Champ (Tyne 4). From blades to mallets and for straight, slight arc and strong-arc stroke types, it’s a complete line engineered to lower scores and increase enjoyment.

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Meet the models

Ping 2021 Anser putter

RRP: £250

Weight: 350g

Stroke type: Slight Arc

Stock grip: PP58 Mid


There’s three Anser’s in the new 2021 line-up. The Anser and Anser 2 have plumbers necks with slight toe hangs where the Anser 4 is a slant neck with much stronger toe hang (so it’s suited to stronger arc strokes).

The Anser is very much a traditional toe and heel weighted blade with extra forgiveness and stability thanks to the new tungsten face weights. A good fit for slight arc strokes.

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Ping 2021 Anser 2 putter

RRP: £250

Weight: 350g

Stroke type: Slight Arc

Stock grip: PP58 Mid


Ping 2021 Anser 4 putter

RRP: £250

Weight: 350g

Stroke type: Strong Arc

Stock grip: PP58 Mid


Ping 2021 Kushin 4 putter

RRP: £250

Weight: 360g

Stroke type: Strong Arc

Stock grip: PP58 Mid


Ping 2021 CA 70 putter

RRP: £250

Weight: 360g

Stroke type: Slight Arc

Stock grip: PP58 Mid


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Ping 2021 DS 72 putter

RRP: £250

Weight: 360g

Stroke type: Slight Arc

Stock grip: PP58 Mid


The archetypal mid-mallet putter. For golfers who hate distracting shapes, bright colours, too many lines and/or fancy graphics, the DS 72 is as simple and straight forward as mallet putters come.

Thanks to having a slight toe hang the DS 72 is a cracking option for slightly arcing strokes.    

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Verdict: Ping 2021 DS 72 putter

We love the simplicity of the DS 72, it’s a cracking non-offensive mallet putter. Feel is very personal, but we reckon 8 out of 10 golfers who might not feel the difference will actually prefer the slightly softer sound of the new 2021 insert over the Heppler’s flat face.

The Ping 2021 DS 72 putter

Make sure you choose your grip really carefully so you get a feel that fills you with confidence every time your new wand is pulled from the bag. We’re big fans of the new PP60 model as we like the surface texture and how it’s Lamkin designed pattern interacts with the skin. And we’d be willing to pay extra for it.

On the surface it’s really hard to say that the new multi-material construction and face weights add up to holing more putts, but compared to putters which didn’t have the tech 20 years ago, we know which we’d rather have in our bag in 2021.   

Ping 2021 Fetch putter

RRP: £250

Weight: 365g

Stroke type: Straight

Stock grip: PP58 Mid


The Fetch has a brand new look for 2021, as there’s now a Ketsch style rail over the golf ball sized hole in the sole. We love how the models sightline runs all the way to the back of the ball, as well as smaller lines to show where the outer edges of the golf ball should sit in relation to the the face. The idea cleverly channels focus onto the impact area.

Ping reckon thanks to being 15g heavier than the 2021 Anser blades, and 5g heavier than the mid mallets (DS72 and  CA70) the model suits straight strokes and slightly slower putting tempos.

Verdict: Ping 2021 Fetch putter

The Fetch has been a really good putter for a good few years now, just ask Lee Westwood, he’s won plenty of cash out on tour with his. This new model with a sightline that runs all the way to the ball is a decent improvement on what is a pretty compact mallet head.

The Ping 2021 Fetch putter

We really like how there’s a golf ball width gauge, as well as a single sight. It’s a feature which has really come into fashion on competing models like the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten and new TaylorMade Spider S and SR. The idea just gives an extra layer of visual aid to help you impact putts on the centre of the face.

The Fetch comes as standard with the PP58 Mid grip, we reckon though as it’s a stability style model it’s a prime contender to be upgraded to the slightly larger and excellent new PP60. It goes without saying the golf ball sized hole in the sole is the best ball scoop on the market.  

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Ping 2021 Tyne 4 and Tyne C putters

RRP: £250

Weight: 365g

Stroke type: Tyne 4 – Strong Arc, Tyne C – Straight

Stock grip: PP58 Mid


Ping 2021 Oslo H putter

RRP: £250

Weight: 365g

Stroke type: Slight Arc

Stock grip: PP58 Mid


Ping 2021 Harwood putter

RRP: £375

Weight: 385g

Stroke type: Slight Arc

Stock grip: PP60


With the popularity of MOI putters trending up it’s no surprise Ping have introduced the new Harwood as an alternative to the super popular TaylorMade Spider and Odyssey 2-Ball Ten.

At 385g the Harwood is the brands heaviest 2021 model. The head is CNC Milled aluminium (hence the price increase) with four heavy tungsten corner weights. It’s a great fit for slightly slower tempos and slightly arcing strokes.       

How the models compare


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Simon Daddow

Review written by: Simon Daddow   

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Product Information

Ping 2021 Putters

RRP: £250 (except the Harwood which is £375)

Models for straight strokes: Fetch / Tyne C

Models for slight arc strokes: Anser / Anser 2 / CA 70 / DS 72 / Oslo H / Harwood

Models for strong arc strokes: Anser 4 / Kushin 4 / Tyne 4

Chargeable upgrades: Switching between stock grips, Adjustable Length shaft

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