Ping Cadence B65 Mallet Review

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  • RRP £149.00

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The Tech:

Choose from either a lighter softer aluminium face insert or a 25g heavier steel version. True Roll grooves that vary in width and depth from the centre of the face offer forgiveness by normalizing ball speeds across the face. A classic Ping head shape.


Our verdict:

The TR 65 divided opinion thanks to the positioning of the hosel on the head. Yes its face balanced which for us is a decent bonus but Chris Ryan felt he needed to address putts towards the toe due to the hosel being stepped in from the heel. That’s personal opinion and Simon didn’t agree as he found the putter fostering fond memories of a favourite Ping B60 he owned years ago. Putting that aside we all agreed our lighter weight aluminium inserted TR 65 performed really strongly in terms of feel, pace control and roll from both distance and close range.


Bottom line:

A classically shaped Ping putter with the addition of face-balancing and a soft grooved face insert. Not as flash as some and for £150 it might be a tad expensive but all round it’s a very solid putter that can roll it with the best of them.

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Product Information

Head Weight: 340 – 365g

Grip: Cadence Traditional

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