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Ping’s new Sigma 2 Putter all feature adjustable-length shafts and a dual-durometer face.

Ping have made adjustable length putters for a few years, but it wasn’t until they told us how their tour players use flat sticks from 32 to 36 inches in length that it struck us just how important adjustable putters really are.

To back up their thinking Ping say a recent study found eight out of 10 golfers play the wrong length putter, which is pretty damning for anyone thinking of buying one straight off the shelf.

So it goes without saying all 10 of Ping’s new Sigma 2 range come with adjustable-length shafts, and for 2019 the adjustment system is more intuitive and simpler than ever.

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Ping Sigma 2 putter face

Where the old adjuster was bulky and a bit distracting at the bottom of the grip, the new system is hidden internally and simply operated by turning a wrench in the end of the grip. 

The new Sigma 2 head shapes range from blades to high MOI models with alignment technology. A new two-piece “pebax polymer” insert – which Ping say is similar to a multi-layer ball – delivers a soft touch for must-makes and a firmer feel for longer putts.

And because Ping know golfers are aging, they’ve even created a “Fetch” model which has a ball-sized hole in the head which can retrieve the ball from the hole. Genius!


With a focus on a softer feel and lively response through multi-layer face technology, and a newly designed adjustable-length shaft, PING today introduced the Sigma 2 putter series. Available in 10 options, including the new, highly stable Fetch model that is designed with a golf-ball-pickup feature, the new putters are available for pre-order beginning today at authorised PING golf shops around the world.

“The Sigma 2 putters are engineered to bring a new level of performance and excitement to our putter line,” said John K. Solheim, PING President.

“As we do with every product, we combined our extensive technical knowledge gathered over our nearly 60-year history with the needs of the everyday golfer. In the Sigma 2, along with the new face design that’s both very soft and responsive, this approach includes providing golfers the ability to customise their shaft length by introducing a simple and intuitive adjustable-shaft-length technology that is a standard feature of every putter in the line.

“Our research indicates 8 out of 10 golfers are playing the wrong-length putters and losing strokes as a result. That’s a staggering statistic to us and one we’ve made easy for golfers to solve with the Sigma 2. Golfers will see significant improvement in their putting consistency if they use a putter length customised to their game.”

Dual-Durometer Face

The soft, responsive feel in the Sigma 2 putters is the result of an innovative dual-durometer PEBAX face material. The softer front layer ensures the precision necessary for shorter, delicate must-makes. The firmer back layer offers the solid feedback and distance control required for holing longer-range putts and improving overall consistency. Touch and pace are further improved with PING’s patented TR face pattern, which varies in depth and pitch to speed up off-centre impacts for consistent ball speeds.

“Feel is difficult to quantify as there are a lot of opinions and preferences about how a putter should feel,” said Solheim. “The Sigma 2 has a very soft feel with a lively response, similar to a solid-face putter. It is designed for the golfer who prefers a putter on the softer side of the spectrum but with the response of a firm face, including more consistency on longer putts. By combining the two hardnesses of the PEBAX material and utilising our TR face pattern, we’re providing a feel preference that appeals to a large segment of golfers while delivering the consistency golfers need to improve their ‘strokes gained: putting’ results.”

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USGA-Conforming, Adjustable-Length Shaft 

The adjustable-length shaft is lightweight, easy to use and sleekly concealed beneath the grip, allowing golfers to customise length between 32″ and 36″ to fit their stroke and posture. The process is quick and intuitive through the use of an adjustment tool that inserts into the top of the grip. One full turn causes approximately a ¼” adjustment up or down, and the grip remains perfectly aligned during the adjustment process.

“The adjustable shaft is just a really cool technology,” said Solheim. “Our engineers took a very complex technical challenge and simplified it for the benefit of golfers. It allows you to experiment with various lengths and ultimately self-fit yourself. You’re no longer limited to a specific length measurement. You simply adjust it until you’re comfortable, ideally with your eyes directly over the ball. We call it ‘invisible’ technology but once you customise it to your length, the results will be very clear on your scorecard.” 

And the 10 new models are…

Ping Sigma 2 Anser putter £200

Ping Sigma 2 Anser putter

The Anser is the winningest model in PGA Tour history, and its newest iteration has the traditional heel-toe ballasts that boost MOI, pleasing contours, a clean top rail and simple alignment line. The blade design and medium head weight make this putter proficient from any distance. The mid-toe-hang targets players with a moderate rotation in their stroke, and thus suits a large percentage of golfers. Available in Platinum and Stealth finishes.

Stroke Type: Slight arc

Verdict: Ping Sigma 2 Anser putter

We plumped for the softer feeling and sounding Anser over Ping’s new no-insert Heppler blade, partly because of the nicer, more muted feedback from the Sigma 2’s insert, but also because the all steel body (the same as Heppler Anser 2) is £50 cheaper. The Anser 2 is a classic that’s been copied a million times, but this one has an adjustable shaft length.

Ping Sigma 2 ZB S putter £200

Ping Sigma 2 ZB S putter

The ZB with a modern twist. A deeper center cavity and heel-toe weighting increase moment of inertia by more than 25% in this new model and make it as forgiving as an Anser. The heel-shafted weighting is engineered to fit players with more rotation in their stroke and those with a pull tendency. The blade design and medium head weight provide versatility from anywhere on the green.

Stroke Type: Strong arc

Ping Sigma 2 Arna putter £200

Ping Sigma 2 Arna putter

Inspired by the timeless design of the Anser, this mid-mallet model features a flow-style hosel that complements the head’s soft arc shape and compact profile. The 360-gram head weight ensures stability on shorter putts while offering distance control on lag putts. The mid-hang balance fits golfers with a moderate rotation in their stroke.

Stroke Type: Slight arc

Ping Sigma 2 Kushin C putter £200

Ping Sigma 2 Kushin C putter

This center-shafted model with added emphasis to the heel and toe ballasts will appeal to golfers drawn to the visual symmetry and stability of a face-balanced design. Prominent ball-width alignment features and micro-lines on the center cavity allow for easy alignment. The 360- gram weight and center-shaft design keep the head very stable on short putts in particular. The face-balanced design is optimized for players with very little rotation in their stroke or a push tendency.

Stroke Type: Straight

Ping Sigma 2 Fetch putter £200

Ping Sigma 2 Fetch putter

A distinctive golf-ball-size centre hole enables you to pick up the ball or remove it from the cup with the putter head and not have to bend down. This circular shape allows for efficient perimeter weighting, creating an extremely high MOI for a putter its size. Its 365-gram head is extremely stable on shorter putts. The face-balanced design works well with players who have little rotation in their stroke or a tendency to push putts.

Stroke Type: Straight

Ping Sigma 2 Tyne putter £200

Ping Sigma 2 Tyne putter

A PGA Tour-winning design, back by popular demand for its stability and ease of alignment. New micro-lines visible from address provide added texture and a contrast that amplifies the ball-framing and parallel alignment. The 365-gram head stays extremely stable on short putts, delivering ample feel for longer attempts. The Tyne can be custom built as face-balanced or mid-hang to be optimized for straight or slight-arc stroke types.

Stroke Type: Slight arc or Straight

Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4 putter £200

Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4 putter

The stability and ease of alignment of the original Tyne are re-created in this heel-shafted version. The heavier 370-gram head is optimized for a smoother stroke tempo and designed to improve consistency, especially on shorter putts. The short hosel offers a distinctive – and popular – look at address, and the heel-shafted balance is particularly effective for golfers with more rotation in their stroke or a pull tendency.

Stroke Type: Strong arc

Ping Sigma 2 Wolverine H putter £200

Ping Sigma 2 Wolverine putter

The angular shape combines with ball-shape geometries and a long alignment line to simplify aiming for improved accuracy. To promote consistency, the heavier 370-gram mallet head provides a very high moment of inertia for extreme forgiveness, especially on shorter putts. The mid-toe-hang ensures better all-around performance for a wider range of golfers.

Stroke Type: Slight arc

Ping Sigma 2 Valor putter £200

Ping Sigma 2 Valor Putter

A new model. This high-MOI mallet features a uniquely designed heel-toe profile that contributes to its stability and ease of aiming, with help from a long, contrasting alignment line. On shorter putts in particular, the added stability of the 365-gram design offers a performance advantage. This putter can be custom- built as either a face-balanced or mid-hang design to be optimized for golfers with almost any stroke type.

Stroke Type: Slight arc or Straight

And where does each model fit inthe range?

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