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Ping’s Sigma G Craz-E putter made it in to our top 10 mallets of 2018 in our biggest ever equipment test – Top Gear. Find out what our testers made of it below.

Ping Sigma G Craz-E Putter Review: You should know

There’s more than 70 Craz-E putters in Ping’s gold putter vault, meaning they’ve been seriously popular with tour pros over the years. This latest Sigma G model has a milled aluminium face insert with variable depth and width grooves to deliver consistent ball speed performance, across the face. Ping says it helps reduce your 3-putt potential.

Ping Sigma G Craz-E

Ping Sigma G Craz-E Putter Review: We say

The Craz-E’s a shape that’s been about for years, and it’s thanks to its success that Ping have introduced it into the Sigma G range. It’s got a busy head, with plenty of curves and rounded edges which won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a proven winner when it comes to our own TG testing and tour wins.

Last year our ‘which putter rolls putts the best’ test highlighted in the hands of a putting robot that Ping’s variable width and groove are more than capable of imparting topspin like the very best on the market. We’re big fans of the single white sightline, it marries up beautifully with a line drawn on a golf ball.      

Do putter face grooves really make a difference?

Ping Sigma G Craz-E Putter Review: Verdict

The head shape is a proven winner, the variable width and depth grooves and face insert add an extra dimension to the Craz-E and the midsized sharp-edged grip is a triumph, what’s not to like? If you’ve been a fan of Craz-E models before you won’t be disappointed with the Sigma G edition. 

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