Ping Sigma G Kinloch C Putter Review

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Ping Sigma G Kinloch C Putter Review: You should know

New milled aluminium face inserts have variable depth and width grooves to deliver consistent across the face ball speed performance, which Ping says helps reduce your 3-putt potential. Feel is enhanced by a high-energy elastomer insert behind the face, and a new PP60 grip naturally fits more into the palm and fingers, lightening grip pressure and tension. 

Ping Sigma G Kinloch C putter 

Ping Sigma G Kinloch C Putter Review: We say

Centre shaft putters aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you want an ultra-simple way to see putting we don’t think centre shaft models can be beaten. And if we’re talking simple putter heads they don’t come any more straight forward than the Kinloch C. The blade is very slightly winged to add a degree of forgiveness and there’s just a single sightline right inline with where you want to impact putts. Simon’s been using the C for nearly a year and swears by it’s simplicity for not only setting up squarely to putts but also for swinging the putter on a straight back and through stroke.

Do putter face grooves really make a difference?

Ping Sigma G Kinloch C Putter Review: Verdict

The Kinloch comes with either a heel or centre shaft and there’s a counter balanced model, so it’s an extremely versatile putter. We reckon its beautifully set up for golfers with straight back and through putting strokes. If you want to go back to basics in 2018 you’ll struggle to find a better model to help you along the way.

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Product Information

  • RRP: From £175
  • Weight: 365g
  • Grip: Ping Pistol PP60
  • Toe hang: Face balanced

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