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New milled aluminium face inserts have variable depth and width grooves to deliver consistent across the face ball speed performance, which Ping says helps reduce your 3-putt potential. Feel is enhanced by a high-energy elastomer insert behind the face, and a new PP60 grip naturally fits more into the palm and fingers, lightening grip pressure and tension.   

Our verdict:

Alignment aids on putters take many forms. Over the years all manner of lines, circles and curves have promised better alignment performance yet we reckon the Wolverine’s simple single alignment stripe is one of the best we’ve ever seen. And that’s because the line comes right up onto the top edge of the putter at the golf balls equator. Which if you draw a straight line on your golf ball means it couldn’t be simpler to see whether your putter blade is set up squarely or not. Yes the Wolverine’s head shape is wacky, but it’s exactly the shape needed to increase MOI and forgiveness and the body’s hollow cut outs just push forgiveness even higher. The story with Sigma G is the new insert which we felt produced a solid end over end roll even if the feel wasn’t quite the very best on test.

Ping Sigma G Wolverine putter toe hang

Bottom line:

Ping’s engineers have obviously worked hard on the Sigma G range and the updates over previous Ping MOI putters are notable. The new PP60 flat fronted triangular grip is a great size and its sharp defined edges mean you feel when the putter blade is square just by gripping the club. If you’re looking for an overall package of feel, sound and roll performance alongside a sensible price the Wolverine is one of our favourite MOI putters this year.


Product Information

Head weight 370g

Grip: Ping Pistol PP60

Toe hang: Face Balanced

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