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The PXG One & Done Putter is a 100 per cent milled, high MOI, mallet-style putter with visually prominent alignment features designed to dramatically increase confidence on the green. 

The One & Done is the second release in the PXG's new Battle Ready Collection, following the launch of the Blackjack putter in October, and uses the same bi-material construction, with each club built to your exact needs.

Like the Blackjack, the One & Done has been fully optimised for maximum performance - from the centre-of-gravity (CG) and moment of inertia (MOI), to stability, balance, and weighting.

PXG One & Done's sole.

The One & Done integrates aerospace-grade aluminum with high-density tungsten to support a deep CG, making it harder to twist the face off its path and easier to deliver it square at impact.

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One & Done features PXG's innovative Pyramid Face Pattern and makes alignment easy thanks to multiple aids.

The putter features four large, adjustable sole weights and has four hosel options to enable each putter to be made to ensure optimal performance for its user. 

PXG One & Done putter at address.

As with all clubs in the Battle Ready Collection, the sole boasts PXG's distinctive Darkness insignia – a skull with the number 26 – commemorating Parsons' combat service in the 26th Marine Corps Regiment during the Vietnam War. 

What PXG say about the One & Done putter

"With alignment aids for putts at every distance and a deep CG position for outstanding stability, the new One & Done Putter is designed to help you seal the deal on the green," PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons shared. "Drop it in with one stroke, and you're done. The name says it all." 

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PXG founder Bob Parsons.

Watch PXG's One & Done Putter promo

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PXG One & Done Putter Tech

Optimised Pyramid Face Pattern

Originally introduced in PXG's GEN2 putter, the depth of the grooves is reduced to increase the speed off the putter’s face and ensure consistent speeds across the face. The updated face design helps to ensure consistency in all significant factors that affect roll, including initial ball velocity, launch angle, spin rates and skid distance.

PXG One & Done's Optimised Pyramid Face Pattern.

Perimeter Weighting Technology

The balance of the One & Done can be perfectly tuned by changing the four sole weights and their location. The weighting will be fine-tuned by PXG’s fitters based on the hosel you choose to ensure the ideal weight and launch conditions. Each head can be made up to 30g lighter or 40g heavier.

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The PXG One & Done's Perimeter Weighting Technology.

High Density Tungsten Insert

PXG's new insert allowed the centre of gravity to be moved further away from the shaft axis for more face angle stability and an increased MOI… ultimately what we’re all seeking in a putter.

PXG One & Done's High Density Tungsten Insert.

One & Done Putter Hosel Options

The heel-shafted, double bend, plumber's neck, and armlock hosels ensure the PXG One & Done putter can be fitted for any stroke, with overall weight ranging from 330g to 445g, depending on the sole weights and hosel used.

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Heel shafted (pictured below)

This is fitted far into the heel side of the putter, creating a significant amount of toe hang. This increases the force required to rotate the putter face, making it ideal for players who tend to over rotate the clubhead through impact.

PXG One & Done heel-shafted putter.

Double Bend (pictured below)

This aligns the shaft axis through the centre of gravity to create a face balanced hang angle, reducing the force required to rotate the putter face and making it ideal for players who push the ball.

PXG One & Done putter with double bend hosel.

Plumber’s Neck (pictured below)

This aligns the shaft axis in the heel for a mid-toe hang angle, significantly reducing rotation. It’s ideal for players who find they rotate the face slightly and can be used effectively by players with straight and arced stokes.

PXG One & Done putter with plumber's neck hosel.


With armlock putting becoming more common, PXG have introduced a hosel to help. This option aligns the shaft axis through the centre of gravity to create a face balanced hang angle.

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One & Done Alignment aids

At address, the One & Done presents a golf ball-sized disk, high-contrast parallel lines, and a single sightline. These intuitive alignment aids are designed to work together to enhance accuracy for short, mid, and long putts.

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PXG One & Done Putter Specs

PXG One & Done Putter specs.

PXG One & Done Putter specs.

PXG One & Done Putter Verdict

We are big fans of the first putter in the Battle Ready Collection, Blackjack, and the One & Done putter is equally impressive. It is another premium model and comes with a big price tag, as you’d expect with a 100 per cent milled product and the materials used.

The deep CG makes it exceptionally stable while the high MOI makes it impressively forgiving and easier to square at impact, which is ideal over those tricky six-footers and 'simple' tap-ins that we are all guilty of missing at times.

The Pyramid Face Pattern provides consistent ball speeds across the face and the adjustable weighting and multiple hosel options, coupled with PXG’s insistence that everyone be properly fitted, means the putter will be ideally fitted for your stroke and needs.

If you struggle with alignment on the greens then the One & Done's multiple easy-to-use aids really do make it easy.

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Simon Daddow

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Product Information

PXG One & Done Putter

RRP: £436.


Plumber's neck (380g stock head weight, mid toe hang, 3º loft, 70º lie, full-shaft offset)

Heel shafted (370g stock head weight, significant toe hang, 3º loft, 70º lie, half-shaft offset)

Double bend (360g stock head weight, face balanced, 3º loft, 70º lie, half-shaft offset)

Armlock (405g stock head weight, face balanced, 7º loft, 73º lie, full-shaft offset)

For more information or to book a One & Done putter fitting, visit PXG.com or call 0800 066 9449

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