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Cameron has added two mid-mallets called the FastBack and Squareback. While larger in size, the weight hasn’t been increased thanks to the use of a red aluminium sole plate, which pops through the crown to form a new alignment aid.

“Scotty was worried about taking the material out of the face to create the longer back flange width in the two new mid-mallets,” Chris McGinley, VP of Titleist Golf Club Marketing, told TG. “Using the sole weight maintains the face thickness. So it’s not only a weight saver but creates the vertical and horizontal sight lines. It’s a more aggressive alignment aid than in the past, but is getting more popular with the tour guys.”

“The red sole plate allows us to put weight where we need it most. We’ve found through years of research that the world’s best players putt with the ball slightly up in their stance, under their left eye. The crisscross makes it easier to square the face, putting your eyes in the right position to execute a proper arcing stroke. If you set the putter too far forward, the crisscross will make the face appear closed and vice versa. Alignment is becoming the talk of the tour, and the feedback out there has been fantastic.” - Scotty Cameron, Titleist designer

Contact: www.titleist.co.uk

Precisely milled from the block, as every Scotty Cameron putter is, but this particular Fastback is an original concept. Searching for a way to increase MOI, improve sound and feel, as well as offer a compact mid-mallet shape of the utmost in cool, Scotty designed an entirely new Fastback. With its pop-up sole plate—milled from aircraft grade aluminum—he shaved grams from the center of the sole, which allowed him to move stainless steel out and around the putter. Sound, feel and performance all improved. He then built in an alignment aid that simplifies the entire aiming process with an incredibly clean crisscross design viewable at address.

Technical Specs:

  • loft: 3.5º
  • Lie: 70º
  • Length 33", 34", 35"
  • Head material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Offset: Full Shaft


  • Custom RH lengths: 1/2" Lengths available
  • Custom LH lengths: 33", 34", 35"
  • Custom lie: +/- 2º

Your Reviews

Titleist Putters User Reviews

  • 4 out of 5 Finish not as expected

    By Sujay

    Bought the putter just a few months ago. Found the stuck on Red Dots fallen off. Also the stuck on strips fell of from the bottom. Now looks like a cheap imitation. Is a fine Putter all right but disappointed with the Durability of the ornaments. Looks really bad after they fall off.

  • 5 out of 5 Saved my putting!

    By Philip Carruthers

    For the last few years I've changed putters like I've changed TV channel, i.e. all the time. I'd lost confidence on the green and had built up a collection of around ten putters. I went to get fit for a Newport 2, a shape I'd had previous success in the past with and kept missing the hole. The pro advised me to try the Fastback. At first I hated the looks, wasn't a fan of the big cross etc but the 6-8 footers started dropping. I went back a week later, picked up the same putter and was still making putts. Swallowing my pride (I didn't want the cross!) I bought the putter despite the disappointment it wasn't a Newport 2. That was back when they were released in March/April. It's now September, the putter has never left the bag and I've averaged 32 putts a round over the year which is fantastic. I've had ten three putts all year in well over 100 rounds. The putter has deeply milled grooves which give it a really good roll off the face. I have switched to a harder ball when it's damp as otherwise I find the putts pull up a little short as it's so soft. The new Pistelero grip is amazing, much better than previous scotty grips I've used. Once you're used to the cross it's actually very useful and helps you check the putter is square to the hole/target for alignment. My only complaint is the headcover. It's looks nice and I'm sure it's great with the smaller Select putters, but for the Fastback and Squareback it's much too small. Luckily I have an old putter cover from uni which fits well. The headcover is also velcro fastened and when spending this much on a putter, surely they could make it magnetic like Ping do? Overall a brilliant putter that has restored my confidence on the green. Would suggest this putter to anybody with a straight back and through stroke like mine. It'll only leave my bag this winter when I don't want it to get rusty on wet greens, but it'll be straight back in there in spring!

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