Yonex EZONE TP-BR 1 Putter Review

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Designed specifically by a Japanese professor to hole more 4 foot putts. The design merges the laws of physics with the mechanics of putting and creates a sweetspot that’s twice the size of a traditional blade putter. Yonex say the flatter lie angle promotes a more natural and stable putting stroke.   

Our verdict:

The TP-BR1 might have been designed by a Japanese professor, but we felt like we needed a physics degree to work out how to set the blade up behind the ball. None of the three alignment lines on the top edge align with the longer sight line on the back of the putter which created some real confusion amongst our testers. It’s really unusual to use a straight shaft in a blade head with no hosel too, and it gave us the sensation of needing to have a strong arcing stroke to get the best out of the BR-1. Our test pro felt a majority of golfers would find success easier trying to keep things simple and putting with a straight back and through stroke, which for us makes the TP-BR1 difficult to recommend.         

Yonex Ezone TP-BR putter toe hang

Bottom line:

An interesting concept from Yonex’s Japanese professor, but one we felt just over complicated the art of putting. With none of our testers warming to the idea or showing any real success against the competition and the sizeable price tag it means we’re struggling to see where the TP-BR1 fits into a very crowded blade putter market in 2016.

Product Information


Head weight: 350g

Grip: Winn Excel

Toe hang: Strong

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