Adams Golf Idea A7 Hybrid Review

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Today’s Golfer Hybrid Test 2011


Tested: July 2011
Testing panel:
Chris Ryan (Belfry Pro)
Leon Iacono (HCP 4)
David Connor (HCP 10)
Ben Miles (HCP 17)

The Tech V3 hybrid has already bagged a bronze award in this year’s test but its little brother, the A7, has gone one better by impressing our test team across the board.

It wasn’t one of the longest on the test but our team were blown away by the consistency and feel of the A7. Pro Chris said this was the best all-rounder on test. He also reckoned it was slightly better off the tee and the fairway than the rough because of the straight leading edge but that it still performed well in every situation.

Our other testers agreed, marking it highly in all categories, particularly when it came to feel and feedback. Our team said it was great news the brand is becoming more readily available in the UK and said it would be one they would all seriously consider buying next time they’re in the market for a hybrid.

Distance: 3.6
Dispersion: 4.3
Looks: 4.4
Feel: 4.6
Forgiveness: 4.3
Fairway: 4.3
Tee: 4.5
Rough: 3.9

Today’s Golfer Hybrid Test 2010

Adams have a fantastic reputation in the hybrid market, particularly at the elite level of the game so it was no surprise pro James took to it straight away. He noted it wasn’t as forgiving as some but he got a superb penetrating ball flight. However, both Chris and Mark felt they enjoyed a higher ball flight with this and were happy with the level of forgiveness so they thought it was a good club for all levels of player.

Ratings (out of 5):

Looks: 4   Forgiveness: 3.8   Rough: 4   Distance: 3.8   Dispersion: 3.9

The Adams Golf Idea A7 Hybrid is available in four different lofts: 17°, 19°, 22°, 25°

Adams took the best attributes of several generations of the popular Idea Pro hybrids to create the Idea A7, a blend of high performance, forgiveness and increased carry distance. 

The 41g rear weighting helps to increase launch angle as well as increase distance too. The sole benefits from an improved camber design which means better results from a wider variety of lies and the Proforce AXIVCore shaft also enhances performance.

You'll notice on the sole of the club the letters PNT - this stands for peanut. This is a nickname for the hybrid designed with more sole camber. There is progressive offset too, so the longer the club the more forgiving it is.

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