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The new Bay Hill ‘Chipping Wood’ is the perfect club for all those tricky shots around the green. Many Tour pros chip from the fringe with fairway woods and manage to make it look effortless. Of course, it’s much harder for the majority of club players because to chip with the wood means having to stand too far off from the ball and there’s not a lot of face touching the ground. The ‘Chipping Wood’ makes chipping from the fringe easier, due to the fact that the combination of metal wood head and putter-length shaft strikes just the right balance of touch-sensitivity and muscle. Rounding off this indispensable little utility wood with is a Winn grip to provide the perfect feel and help easy judgement around the green. Bay Hill claims that in its category it is the ultimate utility club under forty quid for any golfer who wants to save those extra shots from the fringe. As with most of the Bay Hill range it’s available in mens and ladies’ versions (right-handed only).And can be customised to lenght

Price: £39.99

Contact: 01704 894 688

Ladies: Yes
Left Handed: No

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Left Handed available
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