Benross HTX Compressor Hybrid Review

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  • RRP £89.00

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Featuring the same Compressor Technology Response Channel as the HTX Compressor and HTX Compressor Type R woods, the HTX Compressor hybrid offers exceptional performance from even the worst lies. The rearward CG position promotes a high launch and helps to maximise stability at impact. 

Our verdict:

With the average cost of a hybrid within our test working out at £153.86, the HTX Compressor represents excellent value for money. It’s a fantastic head shape and great blend of wide body forgiveness all wrapped up in a shell that for lots of club golfers will be a confidence inspiring size. For two testers though it was the highest spinning hybrid on test, and that spin robbed the HTX of some value yards of carry distance. In the real world it’s not realistic to expect a club less than half the cost of one of the longest on test to compete. On which basis it should be no surprise the HTX posted a 4mph slower ball speed and a carry distance 14 yards short of the test average.

Bottom line:

Benross have made some quality golf gear over the years and the HTX is still a very good option for club golfers considering the cost. The shaft and grip are great quality, but with major brands spending much more on R&D there seems to be a bit of a gap opening up between premium tour brands and the smaller competition.  

Product Information

Lofts: #3/20deg, #4/23.5deg, #5/27deg, #6/32deg

Stock shaft: Kuro Kage Black 70g

Adjustable hosel: No

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