Benross RIP Speed Hybrid Review

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  • TG Rating 3.2 out of 5
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  • Pros

    Classy matt black finish, compact size.

  • Cons

    Square design looks odd and limits versatility. Heavy feel for some.

  • RRP £89.99

What we say...

2013 Hybrids Test

The Benross RIP Speed woods have performed well this year and look appealing, but our test team weren’t fans of the hybrid. James said it looked ugly and that very small shaft position adjustments made it sit significantly open or shut, perhaps down to a flat sole design. He also struggled to get a consistent flight.

Despite not liking the look, Matt did like the performance. He said the extra weight he felt in the head made him swing it hard. He got a powerful thud at impact, too, and said the matt black finish minimised glare. Despite the compact size, he really struggled to get this through the rough and strike the ball cleanly.

Antony agreed the look was odd and clubface was difficult to align. The sole is flat and the design generally is very angular, which limited versatility. He liked the matt finish and said it went well out of the middle, but struggled to get past the looks and weight.

The RIP Speed is the lowest launching Benross hybrid. Generating a powerful, piercing, yet controllable ball flight desired by the stronger player. An Aldila RIP Hybrid Shaft is standard.


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Left Handed availableNo
Custom-Fit availableNo
Forgiveness levelMedium

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