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Never fear the long iron shot again
Heavenwood Hybrids are the perfect alternative for golfers at every level who struggle to hit anything from a 1-iron to a 7-iron. They deliver confidence and playability from anywhere on the course, offering the performance of a long iron and the forgiveness of a fairway wood.
Elongated Low-Profile Face
The face inspires confidence in your shots and creates a high moment of inertia for resistance to twisting, more stability and forgiveness.
Modified War Bird Sole
Slides easily over turf with minimal resistance; makes it easy to hit from fairway, rough or sand and promotes solid contact with the ball for distance and green-grabbing trajectories.
Optimized Club Lengths
Club lengths are longer than corresponding irons, shorter than comparable fairway woods, for additional distance versus long irons with maximum playability and control.
Core Technologies
S2H2 Design shortens traditional hosel length to redistribute weight and improve feel and control. Tru-Bore extends the shaft through the head for feel and control that go all the way through the sole of the club.

The Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrid combines power and forgiveness with hybrid versatility to ensure these long-iron replacements really get the job done.

They feature modified Warbird sole which glides over the turf with minimal interaction with the ground which leads to cleaner, crisper strikes from the fairway, the rough or even the sand.

The Heavenwood hybrids also feature an elongated face which helps inspire confidence and helps the club to make a solid impact on the ball, regardless of lie.

Steel head, graphite shaft, ladies, LH, RH. Lofts: RH 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H; LH 4H, 5H.

Price: £119 Contact: 020 8391 0100

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