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Callaway Rogue X Hybrid features jailbreak technology, promises higher launch and lower spin and has a slighter larger head 

New hybrids accompany most new iron launches nowadays, as they’re such an integral part of buying a new set for club golfers. The new Callaway Rogue X Hybrid introduces an entirely unique and innovative construction for a total distance overhaul. For the first time ever, Callaway say they have engineered their revolutionary Jailbreak Technology from drivers into a hybrid.

The synergy of Jailbreak and their Hyper Speed Face Cup combine of these groundbreaking ball speed technologies along with lighter weights, stronger lofts and a larger clubhead are all designed for maximum distance.

Both Callaway Rogue and Rogue X are the first hybrids to feature Jailbreak tech, and to maximise their impact in a smaller head Callaway has increased the face depth. It means every shot gets the full force of the clubface loading and rebounding energy back to the ball.

The Callaway Rogue X version has a wider head which creates a very low CG and high MOI design, with stronger lofts so they’ll gap into a set of X irons.

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Callaway Rogue X Hybrid Review: You Should Know

When you make a seriously strong lofted set of irons there’s a need for matching hybrids to ensure accurate loft gaps at the top end of the bag. The X has a wider head than the standard Rogue hybrid which creates an ultra-low CG and high MOI design. Callaway say even though the X have strong lofts, thanks to some clever tinkering with shapes and shaft weights they’re super easy to launch on a “bombing” trajectory from the turf.   

Callaway Rogue X Hybrid Review: We Say

It makes sense if you make a strong lofted set of irons you really should have strong lofted hybrids to fit right in alongside them, so Callaway’s thinking is sound. We also love the idea of taking hybrid lofts all the way down to 32deg which is roughly a seven iron, it means fitting hybrids into a set should be simpler than ever before, even if they will set you back a few extra quid. Like everything rogue for 2018 the X is super strong, 20deg was our test sample loft, which is a 4H when it comes to Rogue X. For Simon’s who’s the biggest hybrid fan amongst our testers Rogue X was his longest carrying hybrid (189 yards) on test which is impressive as the X launched and peaked shots out a fraction lower than his test average.

Callaway Rogue X Hybrid Review: Verdict

Hybrids, like putters and wedges are fast becoming really personal bits of gear which can be difficult to change, once you’ve found a favourite. While the Rogue X absolutely performed in terms of data for all three testers it’s oversized head wouldn’t be our testers first choice for 2018. If you’re in any doubt whether to go Rogue or Rogue X, we reckon to avoid confusion only go Rogue X if you have a set of matching irons (Rogue X), or have been specifically fitted for them.

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Callaway’s Senior Vice President of R&D Alan Hocknell explains the tech in the Rogue woods…

➤ Jailbreak performs differently

Jailbreak for fairways and hybrids was a huge design challenge. Impacts on fairways and hybrids tend to be lower on the face, not out of the centre like a driver. Rogue fairways and hybrids launch higher, without adding spin, creating a atter overall flight.

➤ Higher launch, lower spin

Both Rogue and Rogue Sub Zero fairways offer higher launch angles and reduced spin, but the Sub Zero really stands out for me technically. The centre of gravity is substantially further forward, so it launches higher but doesn’t add spin.

➤ Hybrids are different shapes

The standard Rogue shape is a slightly enlarged version of the Apex hybrid. It’s low spinning and o ers an excellent blend of forgiveness, workability and versatility. Rogue X is unashamedly shaped like a miniature fairway wood; we call it a super-hybrid, dialled in for maximum distance.

➤ More loft options

We listened to insight from our tters and created a larger number of fairway woods. It helps with fitting options and effectively means we have ve 3-wood options all with slightly different loft and trajectory characteristics.

➤ No adjustable hosels

We decided the weight saving of not having an adjustable hosel benefits positioning the CG and, maximising Rogue’s MOI for forgiveness. With more weight already positioned low in the hybrid heads there’s also no need for carbon crowns either.

Product Information

  • Price: £229 
  • Lofts: 3H/18°, 4H/20°, 5H/23°, 6H/26°, 7H/29°
  • Stock shaft: Aldila Synergy 50 
  • Adjustable hosel: No
  • Jailbreak Technology 


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