Cobra Baffler Rail-H Ladies Hybrid Review

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Cobra's Baffler Rail-H Ladies Hybrid takes Cobra back to their roots with a design based on a little inspiration from their original Baffler. With years of knowledge under their belt from making the game’s best performing hybrids, they have been able to create the Baffler Rail Hybrid. It’s a massive step forward in innovation from Cobra and maintains their tradition of manufacturing golf’s most forgiving and resourceful hybrids.

The Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrid has a four-way sole. This reduces the amount of the club that comes into contact with the ground at impact. This results in improved turf interaction and delivers ultimate forgiveness.

As with the Ladies S2 Driver the Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrid has also been designed with the 9 point face technology which creates a larger sweet spot increasing forgiveness and consistency across the whole of the club face. This then enables lady golfers to improve accuracy and increase their distance with their long distance approach shots. The Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrid has been innovatively designed with a high strength face insert. The insert is a thin, lightweight steel face which promotes a faster ball speed and enables 10 percent of the weight to be transferred low and to the back of the club to improve the launch aspect.

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