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The TG staffers are, as you would expect, often out and about on golf courses all over the place and one of the many interesting things about talking to the readers is finding out about their kit. Nearly everyone we come into contact with has a rescue club of some sort – and lots of you have the King Cobra Baffler DWS. We think it’s a pretty top club too, with the model triumphing in both the 2008 TG test as well as the year before. But instead of sticking with what was an undoubted winner, Cobra have launched the next instalment in the Baffler series, the Baffler TWS. And it’s got us pretty excited!

The new Cobra Baffler TWS is very similar to its predecessor, certainly when it’s sat behind the ball, but there are some subtle differences. The silver topline is still there, as is the large face, but when you turn the club over it is, in our opinion, an improvement on previous Baffler versions. The older models were silver and black, but the new one is predominantly silver which makes it look a bit sleeker and cooler. The classic “Cobra yellow” colour is also on the periphery of the club, which finishes a quality-looking club off perfectly.

The first thing you’re probably thinking is what does TWS stand for? The Cobra aficionados amongst you might have guessed – last year’s Baffler featured DWS (Dual Weighting System) and this year’s model features TWS (Triple Weighting System). This technology helps you to get the ball airborne more easily as well as offering great forgiveness when you don’t quite get it out of the middle of the bat.

Our Equipment Editor Jon Greathead is a newly converted fan of rescue clubs after years of hitting 3 and 4-irons badly off most lies. “I like the look of the club at address, but I do find the satin topline a little off-putting. Cobra golfers won’t have an issue with this, and will probably like the design though. But the club excelled in the performance stakes – I got a high trajectory off all lies with it and even used it a few times off the tee. It was long too, as well as forgiving. In truth, it was pretty difficult to hit this club badly.”

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The new Cobra Baffler TWS features all the performance attributes as the previous “Baffler DWS” with enhanced styling to optimise Mass Properties (centre of gravity and moment of inertia) while maintaining the unmatched playability of the Baffler franchise.

With its Triple Weight System it pushes the weight back and to the periphery for a deep CG in relation to the face and Increases MOI for greater forgiveness.

This gives golfers of all skill levels the ability to strike with confidence and consistently place the ball exactly where it needs to go.

Designed for all player types looking for a versatile, easy-to-hit alternative to long irons.

Baffler TWS Regular Price: £129
Baffler TWS Pro Price: £149

Shaft Type: Graphite

Shaft Flex: Regular, Stiff

Loft Options:  16, 18, 20, 23, 26, 29

Left Handed? Yes
Ladies Version? Yes
Seniors Version? Yes

Contact: 01480 301114

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  • 5 out of 5 Baffler TWS

    By philfootie

    Had this club a couple of weeks now as A high Handicapper I was not sure how this would preform but was pleased to find off the tee  it was mainly staright and around the 180 yds mark at frist i found it hard to use of the deck  on the fairway or rough but after practice i found it very good from difficult lies espically if the driver has not worked leaving me short and some yards to make up . Highly reccomended