Cobra F-Max Hybrid Review

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Cobra’s F-Max hybrid is the lightest and most forgiving hybrid the brand have created. Find out what we made of it when we tested in our biggest equipment test of the year, Top Gear.

Cobra F-Max Hybrid Review: You need to know

Cobra’s lightest and most forgiving hybrid, it’s been specifically designed to perform at moderate swing speeds. A shallow profile and offset hosel promote easy up distance, there’s plenty of draw bias thanks to heel weighting to help keep a slice in check. Larger midsize grips are particularly well suited to golfers of a “certain age”.   

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Cobra F-Max Hybrid Review: We say

For us Cobra F-Max is opening up a whole new golf market, by pitching itself at an audience which year on year is growing…seniors. Even at Simon’s smooth swing speed the F-Max was over powered which meant high shots with lots of backspin and not much distance, but experience tells us that’s exactly the characteristics which help shots stay in the air for longer and carry further at below average swing speeds. We just couldn’t hit a four or five iron as high or consistently from the turf as the F-Max and we certainly wouldn’t have as much fun if we tried.       

Cobra F-Max Hybrid Review: Verdict

We love the F-Max concept and whilst tons of golfers won’t want to admit it’s a range beautifully set to help their game, it really is. If you struggle launching a five iron from the deck, do yourself a favour and give the F-Max a try, they really can make the game much more enjoyable.    

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Product Information

  • Lofts: #3 - 19° / #4 - 22° / #5 - 25° / #6 - 28° /#7 -31°
  • Stock shaft: Cobra Super Lite 60
  • Adjustable hosel: No
  • Body type: Wide


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